BASKING RIDGE, N.J.— Verizon Wireless said today that a wide variety of full-length programs from Azteca America are now playing on V CAST Video.

“Verizon Wireless continues to add to the choices available to customers using V CAST Video, and Azteca’s line-up of Spanish-language shows offers great entertainment and sports,” said Terry Denson, vice president of content acquisition and strategy at Verizon.

The Azteca America offerings on V CAST Video include entertainment programs, drama, sports and telenovelas.
— “Ventaneando” – Celebrity news from Mexico and the United
States. The program is hosted by Pati Chapoy, Atala Sarmiento, Daniel
Bisogno, Ricardo Casares, Jimena Perez and Pedro Sola, featuring a
studio in Mexico City and mobile units in Southern California and
South Florida.
— “ExtraNormal” – A program that takes a closer look at the paranormal
with the most astonishing stories, testimonies and first-hand
— “Al Extremo” – A high-impact television news magazine program that
features human interest stories, police tales, miraculous events,
entertainment news and all the scandal that can fit on a television
— “Lo que la Gente Cuenta” – Terror and suspense-filled tales of people
who swear they’ve experienced paranormal encounters.

— “Lo Que Callamos las Mujeres” – A single-episode series that presents
the biggest challenges facing women in their daily struggles. The
program resolves issues such as infidelity, anorexia, sexual abuse,
domestic violence and discrimination through scripted drama.
— “El Milagro de Los Santos” – A program about searching for faith and
hope. This single-episode dramatic series inspires belief by miracles
as characters begin journeys that are inspired by the saints that are
present on Mexican street corners, an image kept in a wallet or purse,
or even parts of popular sayings and expressions.

— “Antesala Deportiva” – A sports commentary and analysis show hosted by
Carlos Guerrero and Paco Gonzalez that features detailed highlights of
your favorite games, as well as expert opinions on games to come.

— “Bellezas Indomables” – The story of three beautiful sisters who live
the good life until an unfortunate turn of events leaves them
penniless. Forced to make it on their own, each sister seeks true
love. Maria Fernanda is reunited with her nanny’s son, Manuel, but
their love must overcome the greed and jealousy of the evil Gregorio.
— “Cuando Seas Mia” – Paloma works as a coffee picker but strives for a
better life. She finds her knight in Diego, an heir to the plantation.
However, as a battle to control the family business arises, their love
is in jeopardy.
— “La Heredera” – Maria Claudia is the daughter of one of Latin
America’s most successful entrepreneurs. Upon returning from MBA
studies abroad, she discovers that her father plans to name her as the
sole heir to his fortune. But, Maria Claudia unexpectedly finds love
when her plane crashes and the Mexican-American soldier Antonio not
only saves her life, but also opens her heart.

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