By Cynthia Nelson
COO, Todobebé

New research explores Hispanic moms’ insights, perceptions and involvement with the automotive category: ownership, usage, attitudes, considerations, and key factors influencing purchase. When it comes to automotive purchases, there is always a misunderstanding that women either aren’t interested or don’t have a say in which vehicle is chosen. Not so with Hispanic moms, who are not only interested in what type of car but also very involved in features that will not only make her life easier with children in tow, but also be safe and reliable. She is concerned as well with purchase vs. lease, and even performance.

This new research identifies key insights for approaches and messaging with this audience, particularly with regard to choice and selection of a family vehicle.

General Panel Demographics:

* 87% are women ages 18-34

* 79% are married or living with a partner

* 50% say their country of origin is Mexico

* 67% household income is $45,000 or less

* 60% are stay-at-home moms

* 74% have children ages 0-5 in the home

Key Outcomes & Marketing Opportunities:

Factors Influencing Purchase

* More than 56% of respondents said that expecting a child was a major factor influencing the purchase of a new vehicle

* Room for passengers (78%) is a major factor in choice, followed by safety/security and price/value

* Nearly all respondents said they test drove the vehicle that they purchased

* Respondents also said that they test drove other vehicles — averaging two or more

* 1 of 4 purchase or leased a vehicle during the last year; a lesser percentage are considering purchasing in the next 12 months

* Most respondents indicate preference for a SUV or Minivan, followed by station wagon or four-door sedan

* The majority of respondents indicate they have a preference between foreign vs. domestic vehicles

* Toyota (21.9%), Ford (21.1%) and Honda (18.8%) lead in brand preference

* The majority of respondents say they receive information regarding family vehicles and auto safety via TV (79%) and the Internet (68%)

Hispanic moms are a key and influential target for automotive communications, particularly as related to selection and purchase of a new family vehicle.

Key Take-Aways:

Hispanic moms are a key and influential target for automotive communications, particularly as related to selection and purchase of a new family vehicle. There are many, many ways to positively influence buyer behavior of your vehicle brand by making mom the central point of your marketing communication platform:

* Understand her needs/walk in her shoes in terms of how her family and having children is an important factor in the vehicle that she purchases — what is important to her, should be reflected in your messaging

* Provide her with tips and information that help her visualize the features and functionality that your automotive brand will bring to her — if it saves her money, time or helps her store more stuff — let her know.

* Don’t limit yourself to TV spots — the Internet, Video Downloads, Mobile, Grass Roots Events, In-Retail, non-traditional media, are all great ways to reach this busy mom.

* Remember she is a viral creature. If you build her trust, she will share your data with her friends and family — priceless for any marketer.

Story courtesy of : MediaPost Engage:Hispanics

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