On Saturday, August 2nd, Carlos Márquez, successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker and radio host of “Adelante con Carlos” will celebrate the launch of his first book “Ponte las Pilas” at the historic Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California located at 307 N Spurgeon St, Santa Ana, CA 92701. Self-published by Mio House, “Ponte las Pilas” is available in e-book, softcover, and hardcover at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Carlos’ mission is to awake the entrepreneurial spirit of the Hispanic community and teach them to develop skills to help them achieve their goals. In “Ponte las Pilas”, Carlos explains the importance of learning how to interact and adapt to varied personalities, how to communicate in order to sell and the tools to attain financial stability. In this inspirational book, the charismatic author shares strategies and advice that have helped him succeed as an entrepreneur, weaving in personal stories with his unique sense of humor.

In the first chapter, Carlos shares his humble beginnings. His mother arrived in the United States with no documents from San Luis Potosí, México and worked at a hotel cleaning rooms for twenty years. His father also an immigrant from Zacatecas, México worked as a busboy for thirty five years at the same restaurant making minimum wage. The poverty and adversities he encountered during his childhood pushed him to take action and to achieve success.

At the young age of 14 Carlos discovered his passion for sales and with $20 dollars in his pocket he started his first business at a swap meet. In “Ponte las Pilas”, you will meet the people that made an impact in Carlos’ life. One of those mentors who sparked Carlos’ entrepreneurial spirit was Bob, a millionaire who taught these four rules

— No Excuses

— No opinions, no recommendations

— Follow instructions and

— Invest in developing your skills.

Carlos took charge and in less than a year he put three booths together and sold $1,000.00 dollars of merchandise a day during the Christmas season.

The following summer, Carlos learned about an income tax preparation course and convinced his mother, a woman of few words but with strong actions, to take him to enroll. Twenty years later, this risk of faith and his hard work ethic paid off making Carlos owner of TRI Tax, one the fastest growing Hispanic income tax companies in Los Angeles. He amassed nearly 200 franchises and later sold them three leading companies.

His journey to success consisted of, perseverance, discipline, risks and letting go of the past. In “Ponte las Pilas”, Carlos discusses universal laws and how to apply them to fulfill our goals. In the chapter of Law of Forgiveness, Carlos reveals that he was a sexually abused for many years when he was a child. Thanks to the law of forgiveness he was able to eliminate the resentment. “We are all here on this earth to grow, succeed and let go of the past to advance,” stated Carlos Márquez.

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