Innovative Hispanic Entertainment Agency Hits Quarter Century Milestone


 In the past 25 years, Arenas has grown from a single employee in Pozo’s living room to a full service marketing and distribution agency with offices in Los Angeles and Madrid.

Hollywood’s first Hispanic marketing agency celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Established in 1988 by founder and CEO Santiago Pozo, Arenas Entertainment has been the leading agency for marketing Hollywood entertainment to U.S. Latinos for 25 years.

“I started Arenas in my home with just a phone, a fax machine, and faith in a vision,” said Pozo. “Nobody saw the potential for marketing to Latinos back then — but they do now!”

Arenas has been at the forefront of that sea of change. Today, Hollywood, corporate America, and politicians recognize the immense strength of the Latino market.  An election can’t be won without Latino voters; every product or service has a Latino campaign; and a movie will not open without Hispanic movie-goers. Hollywood, in particular, has embraced the Latino market, which makes up 17% of the U.S. population but accounts for a staggering 25% of all movie tickets sold.  Moreover, Arenas Entertainment has been able to increase this average exponentially on film releases such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua (51% Latino), Apocalypto (52% Latino), and Empire (51% Latino).


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