( Originally Published in Sep 2014) According to a recent study from video-ad tech company YuMe and SMG Multicultural (using data from Interpret), Hispanic audiences in the US watch a lot more online video than other demographics in the country. Specifically, Hispanic households spend 68% more time than non-Hispanics when it comes to viewing digital content. Since Hispanics also count as the fastest growing US demographic, this says a lot about the nation’s engagement with digital entertainment. Leading the country in adopting tablets and connected TVs, Hispanics are also twice as likely as non-Hispanics to stream video on such TVs and on smartphones, according to the research. The study deems this “closing the access gap” between Hispanic people and the internet. As Paul Neto, the director of research at YuMe, stated, “We looked for answers on whether US Hispanics interact differently across screens. Additionally, we looked at other factors such as age, preferred language, and how these trends impacted their multi-screen behavior.” The Interpret New Media Measure survey included input from more than 3,100 Hispanics and 9,000 US residents. YuMe and SMG Multicultural analyzed the data in May 2014.   Source: The Video Ink

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