PR Newswire introduced ARC™ Latino, the ARC™ Engagement platform tailored for Hispanic audiences and designed to provide communications professionals with a tool for engaging and interacting with customers through any online location.

Developed as a free standing, interactive media player and landing page, ARC Latino offers the ability to combine and distribute and entire catalog of digital assets – video, multimedia, photos, coupons and promotional content. The assets, which can be formatted in both English and Spanish, will reach bilingual Latino audiences over Hispanic PR Wire, as well as PR Newswire’s Hispanic Digital Network. As users interact with the ARC platform, the system’s comprehensive set of reporting metrics enables communications professionals to perform online activity analyses, real-time monitoring of impressions, views and streams and in-depth social media monitoring and tracking. Some reports include PR Newswire’s ReleaseWatch reports and Hispanic Read Reports.

The ARC platform’s multimedia player can be customized to showcase up to five video and audio segments, one of which can be selected to be disseminated via PR Newswire’s Online Video Distribution network which includes YouTube, Migrito and AOL Video. It can then be easily shared across the internet and embedded into any blog, website, or social media Web page, creating the opportunity for the video content and related messages to go viral. Furthermore, any change in content is dynamically updated wherever the player has been embedded without additional effort by the client.

Additionally, the ARC platform’s customizable “call to action” buttons provide a stage where users can perform a host of functions that best meet the objective of the communications campaign, including a click-to-purchase, social media tagging and content sharing via sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The ARC platform also incorporates customizable text alongside the video player in order to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) and brand recognition.

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