APR: Knitting Public Relations’ Diverse Threads

By Rosanna Fiske, APR
CEO and Chair-Elect
Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) 

Rosanna Fiske is CEO and Chair-Elect of PRSA. She is scheduled to speak at the Hispanic PR & Social Marketing Conference, May 10-12 in Dallas, TX.


I am often asked what the three letters after my name mean – A, P, and R. As an acronym, they mean “Accredited in Public Relations,” the unique accreditation for public relations professionals offered by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and other organizations that participate in the Universal Accreditation Board.  As a concept, and this took me a while to understand, they represent my rich diversity of knowledge, skill and experience that define and propel the PR profession.

When I started my career as a young journalist who segued into marketing, the pieces began to come together. The research and writing I did as a reporter served me well as I explored the creative and business sides of marketing. But these experiences also gave me an awareness of where these professions converge. I knew I had hit upon something — the career path where I could pull it all together — in public relations. Read More »