Even before it acquired The Huffington Post—and, by extension, new content boss Arianna Huffington—at least one of AOL’s sites was taking its cues from HuffPo.

Miguel Ferrer, director of AOL Latino, didn’t know AOL was going to buy HuffPo when he started working on the relaunch of his company’s Spanish-language portal a year ago, but he said he was inspired by the news and commentary site.

“We kept referring to The Huffington Post model because of its best practices,” he said. “The ability to raise voices [about issues] is something that’s totally hot.”

For instance, after the top story, the new homepage will have sections with local bloggers and stories that are trending on social networks. There also will be videos and tweets by Hispanic celebrities. AOL Latino is trying to make it easier for users to share content across their social networks, too.

Read the entire article at Brandweek.

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