Actress, Singer & Entertainer Named Assomos muchos LATINOS. somos muchos TOYOTA Program Ambassador

Angelica ValeTORRANCE, Calif. — Celebrated, seasoned Mexican actress and singer, Angelica Vale has been entertaining people in Spanish for decades. Her pride in being Latina is evident in all that she does, as is her passion for her fans. That is why she chose to partner with the somos muchos LATINOS. somos muchos Toyota campaign.

Toyota developed this program in celebration of its loyal Latino fans, by creating a unique way for them to showcase pride in their culture and in Toyota. Both Toyota and Angelica Vale value their Latino loyalists and are happy to team up in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Every once in a while you see a company doing something really special for their Latino customers. That was how I felt when I heard about the somos muchos LATINOS campaign that Toyota created,” said Angelica Vale. “I am a proud Latina, and I love to showcase my love for Mexico and for being Latina in America. Now with the somos muchos LATINOS decals, everyone can wear their pride on their cars.”

A series of limited-edition decals that can be affixed to vehicles, somos muchos LATINOS. somos muchos TOYOTA come in nearly 100 different versions, touting cultures and expressions from all over Latin America. Toyota created the decals to provide Latinos with an outlet to pay homage to an array of regions and countries, while sharing the pride in their cars. A few examples of the phrases available as decals include “somos muchos Chilenos … somos muchos HONDURENOS … somos muchos MEXICANOS…”. The decals also include names such as “BORICUAS,” “PORTENOS” or “SINALOENSES” — popular descriptions given to people from specific geographic areas. They are complimentary through Facebook, and can be ordered at, a social media space dedicated to Hispanic Toyota enthusiasts.

To date, more than 200,000 decals have been distributed through Facebook and by street teams in cities across the country. The most popular orders online are “somos muchos Mexicanos. somos muchos TOYOTA,” “somos muchos LATINOS. somos muchos TOYOTA,” and “somos muchos GUATEMALTECOS. somos muchos TOYOTA.”

For continued updates on the somos muchos LATINOS. somos muchos TOYOTA campaign and to order a complimentary decal, please visit or “like” Toyota Latino on Facebook.


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