The 2010 census counted 50.5 million Latinos in the US. Latinos comprise 16.3% of the U.S. population, an increase of 46.3% in ten years. Yet despite a 400-year history in North America Latino culture, heritage, visitation and stewardship are almost non-existent at national parks and historical sites. Only 3% of the 86,000 sites on the National Register of Historic Places explicitly recognize and celebrate our country’s ethnically diverse cultures.


Created in 2011, the American Latino Heritage Fund of the National Park Foundation works to honor and preserve a more complete history of the American experience, by telling the stories of the many contributions of American Latinos to the US.


The Fund prioritizes three program goals and supports only those projects that demonstrate significant and measurable impact:

  1. Preserve the full spectrum of American Latino history – We will identify, designate and celebrate new national parks and historic landmarks essential to understanding the impact of Latino heritage in the United States.
  2. Guide our national parks toward a more complete telling of the American Experience– We will invite Latino scholars and communities to help tell the complex and compelling history of American Latinos.
    •  Sharing the Latino American Story Grants. The Foundation is creating a new grant program to help the NPS connect with scholars and Latino communities to uncover and then share the untold stories of America’s Hispanic heritage.
    • Teaching With Historic Places. The NPS and the Foundation are working with teachers to design new lesson plans that highlight American Latino history and culture and the places where it was lived. These lesson plans will be made available to teachers across the nation.
  3. Create healthy, educational and stewardship pathways for Latino communities in our parks– We will build on the traditional use and value of outdoor space by Latino communities to make national parks accessible destinations for recreation and enjoyment.
    • Youth Engagement Grants. The Foundation wants to work with community organizations, schools and after-school programs to help young American Latinos to experience the wonders of our national parks.
    • Recreation Scholars Program. The Foundation is partnering with recreation experts and the NPS to identify innovative ways to design camping and recreation opportunities that support the cultures and lifestyles of today’s diverse American public.


The American Latino Heritage Fund, of the National Park Foundation, would like to create a logo/graphic identity that conveys the importance of its mission and relevancy to our country’s diverse Latino community:

    1. We are a charitable fund, within the National Park Foundation, with a mission to elevate, honor and celebrate the economic, civic and cultural contributions of Latinos in the US.
    2. We are closely-connected with the National Park Service’s American Latino Heritage Initiative and fully support their mission to increase Latinos attendance at local, state and national parks.

Criteria for a successful logo/graphic identity for the American Latino Heritage Fund:

      1. The logo/graphic identity should be unique and recognizable with no potential for misinterpretation.
      2. Symbolism in the logo/graphic identity should need no explanation.  It should be scalable and look good in either black-and-white or color.
      3. Images must be reflective of the diverse scope of the Latino population in the US, and not beholden to one group or nationality.
      4. The full name of the organization is “American Latino Heritage Fund.”
      5. It is not necessary to have a graphic symbol — a “words only” identity can be very effective.

The graphic identity/logo will be used in these ways:

      1. Correspondence package including letterhead, envelopes, thank you cards and gift acknowledgements, newsletter, business cards, and future website.
      2. Possible merchandise.
      3. Social media utilization: icons for Facebook and Twitter.


The American Latino Heritage Fund of the National Park Foundation invites Latino-owned agencies (Minority 8a status not required) and/or individuals and graphic designers to compete for this RFP to develop ALHF’s graphic identity. Pricing must be fully comprehensive and complete. Additional information and backup details should be included as appropriate within your proposal.

      • Provide company legal name, parent company, ownership structure, mailing address, main phone number and fax number
        • Provide primary contact
      • Indicate the number of years and nature of your experience with issues relating to the Latino community
      • Include samples of previous work
      • List current and past clients and the industries they represent
      • Most importantly, please include your draft concepts for the American Latino Heritage Fund’s graphic identity
        • Please support your draft concept with a brief paragraph supporting the rationale for your proposed approach


  • Describe your process for turning the project around quickly and efficiently.
  • Include detailed information on payment terms, hourly rates and related scope of services.


Proposals must be financially reasonable and not to exceed $3,500.

Responses to the Request for Proposals must be submitted by Friday, February 10, 2012. The American Latino Heritage Fund will review entries and contact the selected vendor by Friday, February 24, 2011. Vendor must complete the American Latino Heritage Fund’s graphic identity no later than Friday, March 23; at which point all collateral material associated with the project must be turned over to ALHF in final form.

For more information on the National Park Foundation, please visit: For information on the American Latino Heritage Fund, please visit:

Please submit proposals to Midy Aponte at by 5pm on Friday, February 10. No phone calls please. Email inquiries only.

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