“You can’t train mainstream Americans to master the understanding of Hispanic cultural nuances that may decide the success or failure of a product or brand launch into the Hispanic marketplace. “

As corporations aggressively seek to find new ways to stimulate top line growth, their people strategies must be in proper alignment with their business initiatives.   In today’s new workplace, human capital and business growth must represent two sides of the same coin.    If America’s corporations continue to ignore this critical and time sensitive fact, the risk profile of our nation’s economy will increase.

Corporations today are looking for the magic growth bullet and much of what they really need resides in their own workplace.   If an organization’s success is truly dependent upon its people, then it’s time for companies to find the untapped talent within its own organization.   Instead of investing in new products and advertising campaigns that take years to recoup the desired ROI, become smarter about how to leverage your talent pool to enable business growth.  Here are a few recommendations:

Read the entire article by Glen Llopis at Forbes.

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