America TeVe, WFUN, an independent Spanish language television station, has received 30 nominations for the 36th annual Suncoast Emmy Awards, making it the most-nominated television station in the region. The Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences released the list on Tuesday, October 16th, with the names of the broadcasters nominated for the awards to be presented at a ceremony scheduled for Saturday, December 1st.

“As a company that sponsors the development of amazing young and talented professionals, 30 Emmy nominations represent a unique and epic achievement. Our employees have set really high standards for themselves and this time, our industry peers recognize their excellence and dedication,” said Omar Romay, president and CEO of America CV Network.

America TeVe produces 9 hours of live programming every day, spanning the spectrum from news and analysis to entertainment and variety. This time, America TeVe surpassed Telemundo 51 and Univision 23 – national network affiliates – by 7 and 17 nominations respectively, emulating the quality of production of network supported local stations.

The presentation of the Suncoast Emmy Awards is intended to be an incentive for the continued pursuit of excellence for those working in the television industry and to focus public attention on outstanding cultural, educational, technological, entertainment, news and informational achievements in television. The Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences comprises the television markets in the entire State of Florida, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles and New Orleans, Louisiana, Mobile, Alabama, Thomasville, Georgia and Puerto Rico.

The 30 nominations are as follows:

Continuing Coverage Category

1. “Crimen y Castigo: Adriana Higgins” – Sofia Baclini, Diana Montano, Adrian Valdez

Feature News Report Category

2. “Soy Inocente”- Adriana Mocciola – Soledad Cedro

3. “En El Corredor De La Muerte”- Soledad Cedro – Adriana Mocciola

Business/Consumer – News Category

4. “Me Estafaron” – Luis Alfonso Fernandez

5. “Vidas Robadas” – Yelenis Reina

Children/Youth – News Category

6. “Los Reporteritos” – Adriana Mocciola, Adrian Valdes

Crime – News Category

7. “Mate a Mi Hijo” – Macarena Ivanissevich, Gina Romero

8. “Los Secretos De Los Narcos” – Adriana Mocciola, Yossie Galindo

Crime – Program Category

9. “Crimen y Castigo: Stephanie Saladrigas” – Sofia Baclini, Diana Montano

Health/Science – News Category

10. “Salud Desde Europa” – Adriana Navarro

11. “A Corazon Abierto” – Adriana Navarro

12. “S.O.S Accidente Cerebrovascular” – Adriana Navarro

Historical/Cultural – News Category

13. “La Vida Despues De La Guerra” – Luis Alfonso Fernandez

Human Interest – News Category

14. “Buscando Una Familia”- Adriana Mocciola – Alejandra Molina

Religion – News Category

15. “Santeria En Miami: Ache Pa’ Ti” – Amlivet Lewis

Societal Concerns – Program Category

16. “Pesadillas Fronterizas” – Sofia Baclini – Diana Montano

Public / Current / Community Affairs Category

17. “Sobrevivientes” – Adriana Navarro, Fernando Sanchez

News Promo- Single Spot Category

18. “Un Reflejo De Miami”- Darwin Robles, Giancarlo Monsanto, Daniel Lares

19. “Sos Ataque Cerebrovascular”- Maria Isabel Montoya, Oscar Rivera, Giancarlo Monsanto, Daniel Lares

Promotion – News Promo – Campaign Category

20. “Historias de Amor” – Maria Isabel Montoya, Giancarlo Monsanto

21. “Station ID Verano 2011”- Maria Isabel Montoya

Promotion – Program – Image Category

22. “Station ID America TeVe”- Maria Isabel Montoya

23. “Mi Heroina Favorita”- Darwin Robles, Giancarlo Monsanto, Daniel Lares, Angel Blanquez

News Producer Category

24. “Adriana Mocciola”

On Camera Talent – Performer Narrator Category

25. “Kary Bernal: Collage”- Kary Bernal

On Camera Talent – Reporter – Feature/Human Interest Category

26. “Diana Montano: Gulliver Preparatory”- Diana Montano

On Camera Talent – Reporter – Investigative Category

27. “Pelea de Gallos Ilegales”- Rolando Napoles

28. “Soledad Cedro: Collage”- Soledad Cedro

Writer – Program (Non-News) Category

29. “Daniel Casal Collage”- Daniel Casal

Writer – News Category

30. “Luis Alfonso Fernandez”- Luis Alfonso Fernandez

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