Considered by viewers in South Florida as the preferred channel for politics, America Teve claims to deliver the most comprehensive coverage of the presidential election.  This Thursday, October 11th, America Teve aired the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican candidate for Vice President, Paul Ryan.

The format of the coverage featured the driving initiative of the renowned journalist Oscar Haza and, the after debate, by presenter and Emmy ® award-winning journalist Pedro Sevcec, who analyzed the results of the debate along with a forum of undecided voters. The audience enjoyed the impeccable simultaneous translation implemented by Cesar Cardoza in addition to the excellent dubbing of Marcela Lopez. America Teve once again positions the interest of it’s audience as it’s priority becoming the absolute leader in the strip from 8: 30 to 11: 00 PM at the hearing of adults 25 +, beating Channel 51 Telemundo and Univision 23, according to Nielsen ratings. In the same time slot but in the demographic of men 50 +,America TeVe achievement triple the audience of Telemundo 51 and exceeded, with an impressive 400% above, a Univision’s Channel  23, with 16 against a 3.2.

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