MIAMI, FL— Miami TV station America TeVe announced that starting on Friday, January 22 beginning at 4 p.m. on their show “Arrebatados” and during their live programming of “Noticias 41,” “Aqui Todos Ganan,” “El Show de Fernando Hidalgo,” “A Mano Limpia,” and “Pellizcame que estoy Sonando,” they will unite for the special coverage of “All for Haiti” in an effort to collect essential items for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

 During the special coverage of “All for Haiti” the network plans to urge the South Florida community to go to America TeVe studios, located at 13001 NW 107th Avenue, Hialeah Gardens, and drop off any donations, such as water, canned food, tents, infant supplies, flashlights, clothing, medicine, basic necessity items for children and adults, and monetary contributions, to benefit the victims.

 In addition, America TeVe’s talent, Maria Laria, Juan Manuel Cao, Yossie Galindo, Nelson Bustamante, Fernando Hidalgo, Oscar Haza, Carlos Otero, Felix Guillermo, and Alejandra Molina, among others, will be present for this special assignment, with the goal of obtaining donations for the devastated Haitian population currently suffering and in need.

“It’s hard to imagine the devastation caused by this earthquake. America TeVe will do everything in our power to help those who have been so affected by this disaster,” said Omar Romay, president and CEO of America TeVe. “We remain committed to working together and in providing aid to rebuild Haiti.”

Several South Florida nonprofit organizations along with AmericaTeVe clients and sponsors, will be present during this special coverage. They, along with  talent, will encourage the community to extend a helping hand to the people of Haiti.

 In Haiti, America TeVe will have direct contact with Marilou Roy, from Port au Prince, who has offered help to hundreds of Haitians who have been left homeless. Roy, with the help of her family, has taken personal responsibility for many of the victims by giving them food and a place to sleep in her home.

 The network will work with Roy, one of our sources in Haiti, and Signal 90.5 FM radio station through their website, They will also be in contact with 90.5 FM, a radio station in Haiti, through which the Haitian community will have direct contact with the channel.

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