Damian Chapa, known for such his controversial films as Polanski Unauthorized, El Padrino, Bobby Fischer Live, has recently produced several films for theatrical and DVD distribution. Chapa who is known for the classic film ”Blood In Blood Out”, Street fighter, Under Siege and 50 other films is looking for a firm that has the power to place him on various television shows on Uni vision, Telemundo, various national magazines and radio shows.”A public relations company is as good as it’s contacts and the people who run the agency. In the case of handling a celebrity, it takes one who is congenial with the public”, he states.To view the film library go to amadeuspictures.com.Interested firms or individuals may send resumes to allman@celebrityscene.com. The top 5 agencies will be called and asked to meet with Mr. Chapa for a final selection.

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