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Alma, a U.S. multicultural marketing agency, announced today a strategic partnership with Rokk3r Labs, an innovative platform for entrepreneurs to create and launch companies through proven methodology and cobuilding. Alma will be an integral part of Rokk3r Labs’ expert team, which includes engineers, creatives, and strategists, who work directly with the entrepreneurs to turn ideas into a scalable business through cobuilding.

In this mutually beneficial relationship, Alma will assist Rokk3r Labs’ portfolio companies with marketing, communications, and positioning, and in turn, Rokk3r Labs will provide ad-hoc consulting to Alma to better understand how today’s technology can be leveraged to enhance and improve the agency’s services.

“Technology is changing by the second and this not only spurs new kinds of businesses, but also affects how companies currently do business – the best way to stay cutting-edge, is to combine the innovation and creative processes,” said Isaac Mizrahi, SVP, Managing Director, Alma. “For Alma, innovation is everything, and investing our focus in early stage technology companies is the right strategy to stay relevant.”

Rokk3r Labs offers established entrepreneurs the cobuilding approach; a paradigm focused on the changing face of entrepreneurship, where experience and diversity matter. Cobuilding is the fusion of entrepreneurial vision and professional execution that transforms great ideas into successful companies through collaboration. Since inception, Rokk3r Labs has introduced 21 select and proven entrepreneurs into its ecosystem, and eight companies this year achieved their funding and strategic milestones.

“Our partnership with Alma is a great example of the convergence of entrepreneurship and creativity,” said German Montoya, co-founder and Chief Strategy & Creative Officer. “Alma is the best in the industry and being able to provide our portfolio companies access to them is key to the success of our cobuilding process.”

Alma will also provide marketing expertise to Rokk3r Labs portfolio companies, keeping a keen eye on potential marketing technology applications. For example, Alma has begun to work with Rokk3r Labs’ portfolio company, Katana, a product by Live Ninja, which has created a solution for web-based, real-time video chatting without the need to download external applications. Currently, Katana is selling their service as a customer service tool where companies can seamlessly integrate their solution into a website for customer service representatives to interact face-to-face with customers. Alma identified applications beyond that, including real-time ads, which could be useful when promoting products that require a deeper level of engagement or real-time exchange. The agency is now working with Katana on helping them find new ways to monetize their business.

“Imagine if you could click and speak to a travel agent face to face who can actually show you cruise specials and point to maps and give you real-time feedback, or if you are a person trying to quit smoking and are able to click on an ad that allows you to speak to someone and get immediate tips or help – this immediately represents where marketing is going,” adds Mizrahi.



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