ATLANTA, GA– The Alliance for Digital Equality (ADE), announced the appointment of Howard Wright, VP of Global Business Development at Qualcomm to Board of Advisors and Harriette Watson as Technology Officer

Mr. Wright, Vice President of Global Business Development at Qualcomm
Incorporated is responsible for fostering relationship and constructing deals between Qualcomm and their partners across wireless, automotive, and retail industries. Howard is the corporate liaison for Qualcomm.

“Howard’s addition to the ADE Board enhances ADE’s ability to advocate
the use of wireless broadband in fostering the delivery of vital services to both underserved and un-served communities,” said Julius H. Hollis, ADE Chairman. “The ADE Digital Empowerment Councils established in nine major urban centers across our nation will gain accessibility to innovative digital technology applications as a result of Howard’s involvement with our organization.”

Following completion of his Economics Degree from Stanford University
in 1989, Wright began his athletic career in the NBA with the Dallas
Mavericks, Orlando Magic, and Atlanta Hawks. Wright then brought his
competitive drive and teamwork skills to Qualcomm in 2001 managing
business development with application developers for Qualcomm’s BREW

Harriette Watson’s overall responsibility as Technology Officer is to
strategically develop, plan and manage ADE’s information systems and
technology platforms in conjunction with ADE corporate sponsors to
strengthen ADE’s Programs and Services to underserved and un-served

“The addition of Harriette to the ADE team is a tremendous asset as we
develop strategic digital advocacy plans that will facilitate
affordable broadband technology in chronically underserved
communities,” said Chairman Hollis.

Previously, Ms. Watson served in the capacity of Chief Information
Officer (CIO) for Florida Memorial University with more than 20 years
of progressive experience in the design, development and deployment of
large technology projects in the education, utility and entertainment
arenas. Her background includes extensive knowledge of Financial/Banking Systems, Data Analysis, Web-based (Portal) systems,
Project Management and various methodologies in consulting and
corporate settings.

Ms. Watson’s responsibilities included the planning and strategic
direction of all major host systems, technology projects and

As part of its mission of “empowering communities across the digital
divide,” the ADE will continue to bring together elected officials,
consumers and the business community to educate minority communities
about the importance, as well as, benefits of broadband usage.

ADE hopes this national effort will continue in cities across the country to ensure
that all Americans – regardless of their race, ethnicity or income -are empowered to join the digital revolution.

The ADE has launched Digital Empowerment Councils in Charleston, South
Carolina; Houston, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Miami, Florida; Atlanta,
Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Washington, DC; and
Los Angeles, CA. Over the next 24 months, the ADE will expand its
Councils in 18 additional cities across the country.

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