With the recent release of a new 30-second promotional spot on San Antonio Telemundo affiliate KVDA, Alamo Travel Group has begun a new initiative to highlight the buying power of Hispanics in the travel sector.

According to Alamo Travel Group CEO Pat Stout, “We have been in conversations with our partners at the American Express Travel Services Network for over two years discussing the need for Spanish language marketing and collateral to address the needs of the Hispanic consumer. With this new initiative, we will quantify the purchasing power of the Hispanic consumer to the travel industry.”

The new television commercial will appear on KVDA TV 60 during key programs for three weeks, according to Luis F. Hernández, president of Telemundo San Antonio.

“We are always glad to team with our friends at Alamo Travel and share their interest in demonstrating to corporate leaders that the Hispanic consumer is a viable and dynamic market,” said Hernández.

With the opening and closing line of “With one call, you are transported to paradise,” the spot promotes Alamo Travel as a one-stop shop for the Hispanic travel consumer looking for a great resort or other vacation destination.

Stout is clearly in a unique position to have the confidence to make this business move. As CEO of the largest Hispanic and woman-owned travel management company in Texas, she has three decades of experience marketing travel services to a diverse client base including major corporations and the federal government.

“There has been a perception in the travel sector that the Hispanic consumer does not invest their disposable income in travel services, and particularly resort destinations,” Stout said. “We know from our day to day experience serving our clients that this perception is not the reality, and we intend to educate our partners about the advantages of marketing to the Hispanic and Spanish-speaking consumers in North America.”

For more information or to schedule an interview with Pat Stout, please contact Mary Jo Salas at msalas(at)alamotravel(dot)com or 210-593-0084.

About the company:
The Alamo Travel Group is a travel management company with more than 30 years of experience providing the highest quality travel services to DOD and civilian government agencies, corporations and leisure travelers. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, they are committed to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective travel service available. From honeymoon packages to Mexico tours to Caribbean cruises, their intermediate size assures that they move quickly, closely control costs, and that the attention of top management will be continuously focused on providing superb service. The Alamo Travel Group is a minority woman-owned, 8(A)-Certified business established in 1982. Patricia Pliego Stout, president and CEO, has been the co-owner of Alamo since its inception and assumed full ownership in 1990. The Alamo Travel Group’s high standards are demonstrated in more than 20 years of quality performance and controlled growth.

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