The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) is moving to a one annual conference schedule with its next conference scheduled next month for Miami October 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency.  Advertising agency principals, as well as specialists in media, research, account planning and management, and creative will join together to discuss the pressing issues and opportunities facing marketing professionals who specialize in the Hispanic market.

Conference sessions will feature the latest Hispanic market trends presented by consumer strategists and discussions of the impact of Census 2010.

“No other industry conference or event addresses the unique challenges facing Hispanic-specialized agencies and marketers from every aspect of the business – from cultural insights and account planning, media trends, creative execution, business management, metrics, research trends, and most importantly educating corporate America about the value a Hispanic specialized agency brings to the table,” says Gisela Girard, AHAA chairman and president/CEO of Creative Civilization in San Antonio. “The new AHAA annual conference format offers something for every agency discipline and for every level of expertise, whether you are a marketing professional or an advertiser.”

AHAA conference organizers Jessica Pantanini, COO of San Antonio-based Bromley Communications, and Roberto Orci, president of Los Angeles- based Acento Marketing, have planned interactive panels, presentations, discussions and content designed specifically with each discipline in mind.

“We want to unite agency disciplines and advertisers around issues that are critically important to marketers,” Pantanini says. “Our agencies don’t operate in silos but are instead delivering integrated ideas and campaigns integral to the success of our clients. It only makes sense that we would bring all of the disciplines together at one conference to interact, and share thoughts and perspectives that will build stronger Hispanic agencies and deliver better results for advertisers.”

Registration is now open for the AHAA annual conference themed “Natural Selection”. By definition, Natural Selection is the process by which certain heritable traits — those that make it more likely for an organism to survive and successfully reproduce — become more common in a population over successive generations. “The theme could not be more descriptive of what is occurring in the Hispanic market and our industry today,” Pantanini says. “Hispanics are a bigger part of the overall U.S. population: more influential in our society today than ever before. Likewise Hispanic-specialized marketing has grown and evolved to become a key driver for advertiser profit. We are the Natural Selection.”

The agenda is now available online at

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