African-American Baptist Mission Collaboration Pledges $50 Million to Help Rebuild Haiti

CHICAGO, IL.— The African-American Baptist Mission Collaboration (AABMC) today unveiled plans for a massive $50 million project to help rebuild Haiti and provide aid to Haitian earthquake survivors. At a press conference held at New Covenant Baptist Church in Chicago, organization leaders said the money will be raised largely through church donations.

The Collaboration includes five of America’s largest, historic African-American Baptist organizations, representing more than 40,000 church congregations and 10 million Christians nationwide. They are: Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention; National Baptist Convention, USA; National Missionary Baptist Convention of America; National Baptist Convention of America, and the Progressive National Baptist Convention. This is the first time the organizations have come together for a united effort.

The Collaboration will provide assistance that includes plans for:

— Five health care clinics to provide restorative health services and
— 50 schools with enhanced learning environments
— 500 reconstructed churches to serve as center points for community
— 5,000 homes to house victims left homeless following the earthquake

“The images coming from Haiti are devastating,” said Dr. T. DeWitt Smith, Jr., president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention. “Our vision for Haiti, however, is not limited to the images we’ve seen. We will work with Haitian partners to rebuild strong homes, churches, schools and clinics.”

The AABMC has also begun providing:

— Weekly deployment of medical professionals to provide critical medical
services and care
— A daily feeding program in Port-au-Prince that feeds hundreds of
people per day
— A daily feeding program providing 150 meals every day for earthquake
patients at Saint-Marc hospitals

Other significant components include providing water, energy supplies, cash grants and groceries to families and individuals in need. In February, 1,000 families who lost homes in Legoane (near the earthquake’s epicenter) and communities to the west of Port-au-Prince received a total of $30,000 in cash and grocery grants.

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