COLUMBUS, GA – Aflac is unveiling a new interactive Spanish-language Website to inform Hispanic consumers in a culturally relevant way about how Aflac is different from other types of insurance.
 The company’s new site,, provides in-depth information in Spanish for consumers and employers. It helps potential customers understand Aflac and how voluntary insurance policies can be beneficial to anyone’s financial planning. For business owners who prefer Spanish, the new site provides easily accessible information about how employers can offer Aflac at no additional cost to the company. Visitors will also find Aflac’

s latest Spanish-language commercials.

“As the leading brand in our industry, we want people to get to know Aflac in the language they find most comfortable,” Danny Fleishman, Aflac’s vice president of Corporate Sponsorship and Emerging Markets says. “We are committed to providing an experience for Spanish-speaking consumers, business owners and prospective agents that is just as informative and engaging as our English-language site.” features engaging content, videos and the beloved Aflac Duck, specifically tailored to the unique needs of Hispanic consumers, business decision-makers, and prospective bilingual agents. Each section encourages visitor participation through interactive vignettes starring the Aflac Duck. Among the distinctive elements featured on the site, is a special section titled ‘Nuestras Historias’

(Our Stories) featuring Aflac agents telling stories of their own success selling Aflac in the Hispanic market and revealing the deep sense of satisfaction they get from making a difference in their communities.

“When making important decisions about finances and family protection, I find that many people are just more comfortable communicating in their preferred language,” Texas sales agent Samali Gutierrez-May says. “So whether I’m helping a Hispanic business owner or a consumer, it is very satisfying to play such an important role in the community.”
The new site was created by Firstborn and Aflac’

s Hispanic AOR, Conexión in partnership with Aflac.

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