Brands looking to increase their share of the Latin American and the U.S. Hispanic markets will be pleased to know that Adsmovil, the leader in mobile advertisement in the Americas, is experiencing unparalleled growth as it marks its 5thanniversary. The company is projected to surpass $15 million in revenue by year’s end — a growth in sales of more than more than 50% over 2014. In 2015, Adsmovil formed important partnerships with Sizmek, TailTarget and PubMatic, and opened operations in Spain. In April the company launched the Adsmovil Ad Exchange, the first mobile ad exchange focused exclusively on Hispanics. Adsmovil won both a Gold Smartie from the Mobile Marketing Association and a FOMLA from the Festival of Media LATAM for an innovative campaign it ran in Ecuador on behalf of Unilever Magnum. In addition, the company won two bronze Smarties for a campaign it ran in Brazil for Reckitt Benckiser. “We’ve helped more than 500 advertisers reach their audiences with more than 5,000 campaigns,” said Adsmovil CEO Alberto ‘Banano’ Pardo. “Moreover, as Professor Eduardo Gamarra recently explained, our company is poised to serve as the strategic connector for the Latino vote in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election.” “Mobile marketing strategy, content integration and advertising will be vital in the years to come,” said independent marketing consultant Juan Carlos Giraldo. “Adsmovil is pioneering the way brands and content creators are interacting with the increasingly mobile Hispanic audience.” Portions of this story appeared first in The nations where Adsmovil has made great strides in the past five years:

  • Brazil: Adsmovil ran more than 1,000 campaigns in Brazil for more than 150 advertisers and brands. Despite that nation’s financial crisis, Adsmovil expects to increase revenue by 30% in the coming year. As mentioned above, the company won two MMA Smarties in Brazil with its client Reckitt Benckiser.
  • United States: Adsmovil is part of the massive growth in the mobile industry in the U.S. this year. Brands like General Motors and Unilever have a big appetite for Hispanic audiences, and they understand that mobile is crucial.
  • Mexico: Sales have grown 40% over the previous year. Seven Adsmovil staffers are working with such brands as Unilever, Diageo and Coca-Cola.
  • Ecuador: Adsmovil’s campaign for Unilever Magnum won a FOMLA and a Gold MMA Smartie.
  • Spain: The company opened operations in Madrid in September.

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