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Amgen today launched Quimioterapia: Mitos y Realidades, a Spanish-language extension of the Chemotherapy: Myths or FactsTM awareness initiative for cancer patients and their caregivers, featuring actress and Emmy® award-winning television personality Adamari López. In 2005, López was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. She has since become a breast cancer advocate and is working with Amgen to share her personal story.

“When going through a difficult situation, like a cancer diagnosis, it is critical to get information in your native language. I learned this firsthand during my own chemotherapy journey, when I struggled to find helpful resources in Spanish,” said López. “Quimioterapia: Mitos y Realidades aims to bridge a gap for Spanish-speaking cancer patients by providing valuable in-language information to help them take charge of their chemotherapy journey.”

Nearly one in two Hispanic men and one in three Hispanic women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. For those who go through chemotherapy, having online information and resources in Spanish is highly valuable. Research shows Hispanic adults faced with a cancer diagnosis have very specific challenges when undergoing treatment and many decisions are guided by cultural factors, such as language, beliefs, values and traditions.

Mike Cusnir, M.D., oncologist and hematologist from The Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami Beach, Fla., is also working with Amgen to bring a medical perspective to the awareness initiative. “Many newly diagnosed cancer patients have preconceived notions about chemotherapy,” said Dr. Cusnir. “For example, some patients believe they have to isolate themselves from friends and family during treatment, or are unaware of certain side effects that they need to be prepared for. Quimioterapia: Mitos y Realidades provides useful resources for Spanish-speaking patients and their caregivers to help them ask the right questions, and together, make the best decisions possible with their doctor.”

Quimioterapia: Mitos y Realidades provides cancer patients and their caregivers with educational online resources, a series of videos featuring López and Dr. Cusnir sharing their experiences and insights, and downloadable tools with important things to think about before, during, and after chemotherapy treatment. Quimioterapia: Mitos y Realidades, and the English-language Chemotherapy: Myths or FactsTM, are sponsored by Amgen. To learn more, visit or

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