Procter & Gamble’s Orgullosa program an online community created in 2011 to celebrate, empower and fuel Latinas’ accomplishments and dreams – and SAG Award-winning actress Diane Guerrero hosted the annual Orgullosa #LivingFabulosa event Tuesday night at The Paley Center for Media in New York City, bringing together a powerhouse of Latina trendsetters who participated in a panel that highlighted the need of having more Latina role models and mentors to inspire and guide young Latinas. Special guests and panelists included singer Raquel Sofia; Vixen Workout founder, Janet Jones; Project Enye founder, Denise Soler Cox; personal branding expert Emmelie De La Cruz; and the head of multicultural marketing for Google, Eliana Murillo. The group of panelists also led a series of empowering sessions aimed to equip Orgullosa women with the mentoring and confidence-building lessons they need to inspire their peers to live fabulously. “I feel honored to be here tonight working with Orgullosa and representing this fabulous community of independent, strong and proud Latinas. It’s so great to see us come together and celebrate our stories of confidence and success, but also to talk about the role that each of us has in guiding other Latinas on their own path to success. Each of us can be a source of inspiration to other women around us. Let’s not forget who we are and keep reminding each other that we have what it takes to live fabulosaevery day,” said Diane Guerrero, SAG Award-winning actress and event hostess.   Wanted: Latina Role Models Who Are Living Fabulosa Orgullosa first introduced the Living Fabulosa program two years ago to recognize and celebrate today’s Nueva Latinas – bicultural women who shine with orgullo (pride) and confidence and that are leading the way in creating change. As their influence continues to grow in the U.S., young Latinas long for more mentors that understand their unique experience and that can inspire and guide them to seize their full potential. In fact, a recent survey commissioned by Orgullosa found that:

  • Eighty six percent of Latina women ages 20-39 would like a mentor in their lives, while more than half (53 percent) think it is important to have a mentor who is a Latina.
  • Latinas who have been mentored know the importance of having role models to guide them: 86 percent feel more confident taking risks because of their mentors. In contrast, 72 percent of Latinas who never had a mentor feel they would have accomplished more of their goals by now if they did.

“Today we are setting out on a mission to rally our community of more than 1.5 million online Latinas to join the #LivingFabulosa movement and become role models that inspire other young Latinas to seize their full potential by sharing online how they are living fabulously every day,” said Diego Bianchi, Assistant Brand Manager for Orgullosa. “With social media playing such an important role in allowing today’s Latinas to connect and inspire each other, Orgullosa has a unique place as the largest online community of Latinas inspiring other Latinas to look, feel and be their best.” Latinas Inspiring Latinas Orgullosa’s powerful sense of community was evident last night at The Paley Center for Media with more than 300 guests that included members of Be Moxie and Latinas in Higher Education – two of Orgullosa’s partner organizations working to empower Latina women – together with other influencers and Orgullosa community members. After the “Motivating through Mentors” panel discussion, guests participated in the confidence-boosting sessions led by the panelists and inspired and supported by P&G’s beauty brands:

  • “Moves Like No Other” with Janet Jones, Founder, Vixen Workout (Venus®)
  • “Dreams Are Ageless” with Denise Soler Cox, Founder, Project Enye (Olay®)
  • “Embody Fearlessness” with Raquel Sofia, singer/songwriter, Sony Music (Secret®)
  • “Strengthen Your Brand” with Emmelie De La Cruz, Personal Branding Expert (Pantene®)
  • “Healthy, Happy & Hired” with Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing, Google (Crest®)

In addition, event attendees enjoyed a beauty bar offering free styling consultations and gifts from Pantene, Olay, Crest, Secret and Venus. Latinas interested in joining the #LivingFabulosa movement are invited to visit to become part of the community and to find inspiration and mentorship opportunities; the Orgullosa Facebook page to share how they are living fabulosa every day to inspire other Latinas, and, to follow the conversation on social media with #LivingFabulosa.

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