CORAL GABLES, FL – Hispanic marketing communications agency Accentmarketing announced its latest release from its Latinas in Charge initiative – “Redefining the Meaning of Well-Being.” This release further explores the U.S. Latina mindset on health, healthcare and health insurance – topics at the forefront of this nation’s agenda.

“We’ve closed the gap in how previous studies have looked at the Hispanic population from a macro view by taking a closer look at the Latina population in the United States to better understand the dynamic and changing social role given the momentous change,” said Maria Romero, President and Managing Partner of Accentmarketing.  “This release provides marketers with the ‘why’ – and what to do about it.  This is what we call being ‘In Touch.'”

Highlights from “Redefining the Meaning of Well-Being” include:
—  Latinas understand and think of health as a “we” discussion, not a “me” discussion.   Latinas talk about their health in the context of the family – children and husband.
—  There is continued tension between traditional culture and newer adoptive culture. Using their diet as an example, conflicting opinions often confuse healthy diet choices: being told traditional foods are often bad while healthy diet items are often more expensive (i.e. organic food) to implement.

—  In US healthcare debate – particularly issues surrounding health insurance coverage – uncertainty rules among Latinas.  Health insurance in USA is often seen as luxury. Many still seek healthcare support outside of USA.

Key Takeaway: Though Latinas are “hopeful” that debate and changes will improve the healthcare situation (more coverage, lowering costs) they still hold reservations that current proposal will result in a positive change.

Accentmarketing launched its Latinas in Charge initiative in 2009 – a deep dive into the Latina experience today combining new qualitative research with unique insights from the Latina-led agency and its partner in this initiative, Dr. Monica Torres of SocialQuest. Additionally, for this latest release, Accentmarketing conducted an online, qualitative poll with specific healthcare debate questions  – providing up to the minute Latina insights on today’s healthcare debate.

The first release from the study (April 2009) focused on Latinas and their financial habits. The remaining release on the evolving Latina identity “Quien Soy” will be published this year.

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