MIAMI, FL –  Accentmarketing has partnered with internationally renowned psychiatrist and cultural anthropologist Dr. G. C. Rapaille, of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide (ADW), for what the agency promises will be the most profound Hispanic initiative to date – “The Syndicated Discovery Study on Hispanic Culture in the US: Understanding the US Hispanic Community at a Core Cultural Level. ”  This joint venture aims to provide marketers with an in-depth knowledge of the motivating emotional triggers behind the Hispanic community’s media choices, its behavioral attitudes, and the meaningful cultural tendencies that will influence how the industry markets (communicates) to Latinos in the US.

To uncover the collective unconscious, this initiative will not employ traditional qualitative research methods. Instead, a unique blend of archetype analysis, cultural anthropology, psychology, and learning theories will uncover the hidden cultural forces that pre-organize the way Latinos behave toward a product, service or concept.

“I don’t believe what people say,” shared Dr. Rapaille. “People’s opinions can change in a minute.  Through the code discovery we will dig under U.S. Latinos’ ‘rational’ reasoning to uncover the true emotional and cultural roots of Latinos’ opinions and behaviors.  Understanding this unconscious foundation gives us the tools to better motivate consumers and improve communications strategies.”

“We at Accentmarketing feel that learnings from this study will allow brands to change the paradigm in their favor and connect with Latinos at a profound, gut level to ensure success in the US Hispanic marketplace,” stated Maria Romero, President, Accentmarketing. “Together with ADW, we will deliver an actionable code that will outline for participating clients the entry to their Latino target’s emotional ‘blue-print.'”

Research will be fielded starting December 2009 across the US.

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