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The Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network (T-CAAN) and the San Jose Network (SJN) have announced a hemispheric alliance that will share resources and expertise through the cooperative operations of both networks.

T-CAAN is the largest Canadian independent agency network with 27 member agencies and SJN is the largest MARCOM group servicing cultural convergent markets in the U.S. and Latin America. The alignment will create a significant footprint of expertise in the Americas that spans every significant market in the US, Latin America and Canada, with a combined network of 44 agencies in over 20 countries. The networks total $950+ million dollars in combined global billings.

Executives from both networks met to formalize the alliance and develop plans for leveraging their combined footprint to bring even greater opportunities to their members and clients. The global alliance of T-CAAN and SJN will allow member agencies and their respective clients to meet the challenges of an increasingly global marketplace with strategic and actionable solutions.

“This alliance is truly a game-changer for today’s brands and will provide expertise, local knowledge and insight into economically important regions and cultures,” stated Bill Whitehead, Managing Director of T-CAAN. “Some of our members were looking to tap into the growing Latin American markets, and SJN delivered the best model to achieve that objective. Joining forces enhances all of our members’ expanded reach and capabilities,” he added.

All members of both networks are independent agencies, highly regarded in their respective markets. Clients who engage the networks for marketing programs in multiple Canadian markets can centralize all activity through T-CAAN and SJN, instead of having to work with multiple agency partners around the world. The member agencies operate as branch offices, providing fast, top-quality and dependable service for all member agencies.

“While the world has become smaller, media fragmentation and consumer sophistication havegrown exponentially.  This alliance allows our affiliates and members to converge our diverse marketing and channel expertise, from traditional advertising, to the full spectrum of digital and public relations, to better serve our clients throughout the Americas”, said George L. San Jose, President & COO of SJN.

Speaking to the uniqueness of this new alliance, San Jose added, “As Bill and I first started talking, we quickly realized that we shared the same objective: To provide our clients with the kind of powerhouse talent, spirit, innovation and agility that you can only find in best-in-class independent agencies.”

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