Editors Note: Read the entire article, including the commentaries, at Pew Hispanic.

The Pew Hispanic Center recently published “When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity.” The report was based on a new nationwide survey that found most Hispanics don’t embrace the term “Hispanic.” And even fewer prefer the term “Latino.”

In the days following the release, hundreds of people offered their observations on social media, and scores of newspapers and websites published articles, commentaries and editorials. Some of our readers emailed us with their own opinions and stories.

It’s a fascinating topic, and we’d like to continue the conversation. So we invited journalists, scholars and civic leaders to share their views. Each day for the next two weeks, we will publish one of these commentaries here. We also invite you to join the discussion. Share your thoughts, views and personal stories about your own identity on our Pew Hispanic Center Facebook page.

SOURCE: PEW Hispanic

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