These are just some of the major brands that will be actively engaging Hispanic bloggers at Hispanicize 2011.


Every dedicated Latina and Latino blogger I know has their list of conferences to attend this year.  Today, I want to share seven reasons why the Hispanic Public Relations Association and I believe that Hispanicize 2011 is the most important event of the year for Hispanic bloggers – by a WIDE margin.


Hispanicize is Razor-Focused on Latino Bloggers

An array of leading Hispanic PR and advertising agencies like these are seeking to build their own relationships and networks with Latina and Latino bloggers at Hispanicize 2011.

No conference before Hispanicize 2011 has ever devoted itself so singularly to the cause of showcasing Latina and Latino bloggers.  When you talk about other conferences, they will touch on Latina blogger sessions here and there but NONE will cater to Latinos in-depth this year like Hispanicize 2011 with 10 blogger-specific sessions and tons of other related content.  Yes, look at the fast growing conference agenda (click here) and see that the proof is in our flan.


Connect DIRECTLY with the Brands and Agencies that “Speak” Hispanic

Hispanicize 2011 will give bloggers DIRECT, unfiltered contact with the brands and marketing agencies that are specifically seeking to work with Latino bloggers.  In fact, some of these brands and agencies are already creating their own network of Hispanic bloggers.

At every other blogger conference you can attend this year – yes, including that ONE  – Hispanic bloggers find themselves fishing for Latino marketers in a sea of general market contacts.  If that wasn’t difficult enough, at most of the non-Hispanic focused conferences you will find yourself among thousands of other bloggers elbowing to speak to certain brands.  When you finally find the brand representatives you want to speak with, the majority will often tell you they are NOT the “Hispanic” contact you need.  Nine out of 10 times those contacts tell you to send them a follow up email so that they can then forward your information (if you’re lucky) to either the Hispanic brand manager or to the PR agency that handles their account.  Not so at Hispanicize 2011.  At this conference you engage with THE correct, direct Hispanic marketing contacts you want to pitch and make money from.

Sprint, General Mills, Nestle, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart as well as three dozen major Latino marketing and PR agencies that collectively represent approximately 150 other brands (so far and counting!) will be on hand in Los Angeles, the nation’s Hispanic market capital, to meet Latino bloggers.


Networking with fellow Hispanic bloggers

One of the benefits of attending Hispanicize 2011 is that it will provide bloggers with unparalleled networking with other bloggers.  Helping bloggers network and form into yet more networks is in the free share spirit of the Web and it’s one of the things we’re confident will emerge bigger and better because of Hispanicize 2011.


Quality Professional Development

The professional tools and topics you will experience at Hispanicize 2011 is comprehensive and will help you improve your skills, your blog and your chances of monetizing it to the fullest.   In fact, our workshops will also feature an unprecedented half day training session that we KNOW will wow you with insights on how to become an elite blogger that brands love and crave to work with (but more about that later).

Consider Hispanicize 2011 your annual industry update on Who’s Who and What’s What in the world of Latino blogging.


Wide Industry Support from Leading Public Relations Organizations

The Hispanic Public Relations Association and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), two of the most influential organizations for Hispanic marketers and corporate communicators alike, are putting their full weight behind the conference.  Why does this matter to bloggers?  Because both organizations represent the marketing professionals you want to meet and both organizations are working hard to ensure that their members come out to meet you at Hispanicize 2011.  (Did we mention that both organizations are helmed by Latina leaders this year?).


Breadth of Content

The depth and breadth of our conference is without peer for the topics of Hispanic public relations, social media and blogging.  Our conference features three FULL days packed with 28 sessions and more than 70 speakers, the only annual Hispanic marketing conference with that many sessions and speakers.


The Best Value of ANY Blogger Conference This Year

Organizing a three-day, all inclusive, top quality conference like we’re doing in Hollywood, CA takes a lot of work and resources but that’s exactly what we’re delivering for bloggers with their special rate of $425.  We’re also making arrangements for bloggers to connect with each other to share in the deeply discounted hotel rate we’ve secured for our attendees (click here).  If you add up the first six reasons listed here and then subtract them by $425, we believe the math overwhelmingly supports this conclusion: Hispanicize is the most valuable networking and professional development investment that Latina and Latino bloggers can make in 2011.

Our secret is in the flan.

Manny Ruiz is the conference organizer of Hispanicize 2011, the 2nd Annual Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference and CEO of Hispanicize, the Latino social media resource for marketers and bloggers that is launching next week.  Manny also blogs on his parenting blog  You can reach him at

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