The purchasing power of U.S. Hispanics last year reached $1.1 trillion, reports say, and right along with the size of the population, it will only continue to grow. So how does a brand go about broaching a relationship with this coveted audience? Here are five easy ways to get you started.

Do your research. Since 2009, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has maintained a Hispanic Research Working Group. Look for new reports (the 2011 study can be found here), or join the group yourself in order to stay abreast of news and trends.

Establish knowledge-sharing partnerships. Few companies are as well equipped to teach you how to engage with Hispanics through digital media than the digital media properties themselves. Seek out partnerships with properties that have cultivated an expertise on the subject, such as Telemundo Media, AOL Latino, and Batanga, and let them help you experiment online to determine what kind of culturally relevant message works best for your brand.

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