There are many things Hispanics from different nationalities and generations have in common, such as language, culture and food — but sports are central to their identity. And understanding that will help you grow your business.

For example, you should know that favorite teams are passed down through generations for Hispanics, creating a family bond. Hispanics are big fans of boxing, baseball, UFC fights, basketball and football — but soccer (fútbol) is the major sport. And with the Orlando City Soccer Club becoming a Major League Soccer franchise starting in 2015, that will bring many opportunities to the Orlando Hispanic community and local business owners.

For instance, the planned soccer stadium will generate hundreds of new jobs — from construction to management positions that will appeal to Hispanics. This stadium also will become a new entertainment attraction for many Hispanic families in Orlando and across the nation. It will increase national and international tourism, helping boost the local economy. As a business owner, this is a great opportunity you easily can capitalize on. You don’t need to change the way you are doing business — just be open to embracing and understanding the differences of the Hispanic culture.

Here are some tips to take advantage of this booming market that will help you kick up sales:

Embrace the culture in all levels of your organization: Hispanics are passionate about sports and soccer is king. According to a report by TNS media services “Sports and Hispanic Males in the USA,” 94 percent of Hispanic males are sports fans and 56 percent of Hispanic males consider themselves avid fans.

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