The Hispanic adage, “En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo” (“In the blacksmith’s house, the knives are made of wood”) does not apply to Hispanic PR Master Yaneiza Echezarraga.

Lately, the Twin Minds Media co-founder has been applying her PR and branding skills to herself and her Miami-based Hispanic PR agency.

Here are some examples of her content wizardry and the multiple platforms where she’s been garnering exposure, positioning Twins Minds Media as a leading Hispanic PR and integrated communications firm:

  • In late December on LinkedIn, Echezarraga posted “5 Powerful Tips to Stand Out in a Crowded Market.” She grabs your attention quickly with the phrase, “Here’s what happens every 60 seconds on the Internet…” and lists four startling facts about how over-crowded the Internet has become. She then shares her 5 tips to overcome the problem.
  • In February, she contributed a well-researched guest blog post on PR Daily, titled “3 Challenges and Opportunities for Hispanic PR and Marketing in 2023.” Once again, Echezarraga uses a problem-solution approach. She starts the article by sharing research regarding the fragmentation of the traditional U.S. Hispanic media landscape. Then she shares research about the new platforms where Hispanics are over-indexing.
  • And last week, Echezarraga landed a 30-minute “PR Profile” interview with Agility PR’s Richard Carufel, which is available on Youtube.

Clearly, Echezarraga is no slouch. As you view her articles and interviews, you’ll get a sense of her PR playbook and how she applies her market expertise and strategies to her own agency and personal brand.

Some pearls of PR wisdom from her latest branding efforts:

On LinkedIn:

“It’s not enough to simply be seen; you must be seen as an authority, as a trusted expert, as THE go-to person, and as a business that stands for something,” Echezarraga says. “It’s now more important than ever to have a recognizable and reputable digital-facing brand. Either you stand out, build authority, and consistently show up, or you’ll continue to feel like you’re speaking into a vacuum with no traction.”

On PR Daily:

“Too few brands treat Hispanic PR as its own program. There’s still a tendency, especially when navigating tight budgets, to want to adapt general market strategies and tactics to the Hispanic market or to activate one-off campaigns during key moments in time such as Cinco de Mayo or Day of the Dead and then call it good for the rest of the year. This approach is problematic in many ways; however, one of the top issues is that it reflects a need for more understanding of our diverse community’s cultural, social, and political nuances. Marketing and PR efforts based on this one-size-fits-all mentality are culturally narrow-minded at best and insulting at worst.”

From her AgilityPR interview:

“A few years ago the market approach was ‘Okay, a lot of Hispanics are acculturating, which is, they’re adapting to U.S. culture and they’re learning English and they’re really not speaking that much Spanish, at least not the younger ones.’ Well, now the Census just proved that Spanish is the second most common language in the U.S., so it’s like ‘Okay, never mind. We’ve got to incorporate Spanish again because it is being consumed and it is a language that’s being spoken every day and it’s growing.’ There are also layers to that. When we approach the market, we are talking about different generations within the market and how they approach culture and their Hispanic identity. We’re talking about language adoption. A lot of younger Hispanic Americans are now trying to learn Spanish. Or if they had acculturated to the American way, now they’re trying to really bring back that pride in being Latino.”

Echezarraga and her co-founder, Claudia Solis, a former Chief Editor at EFE news agency, launched Twin Minds Media as a Hispanic boutique multi-channel, integrated communications agency in 2015.

For more examples of their strategies in action, check out their Case Studies section on the Twin Minds Media website. You’ll see several detailed case studies for some of their clients, including WorldRemit, HITN, SocialPubli, Edye, HITN Learning, and Bousa Brewing Company.

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