Hispanics Believe Major Corporations Are Doing Less in Terms of Their Involvement in Their Community Today Than They Were Five Years Ago

MIAMI, FL – A national pro bono study conducted by research firm Encuesta, Inc. shows Hispanics feel corporations are less involved in their communities as corporate citizens than they were five years ago and that Latinos also feel corporations are doing less to market to them than before.  The study, conducted in November 2009, explores the perceptions of Hispanics and non-Hispanics regarding corporate citizenship and involvement in their communities. The current findings are compared with the findings from a similar study conducted in February 2005 by Encuesta, Inc.

The findings show that Hispanics have lost confidence in major corporations’ role in their community. Even though Hispanics find it increasingly more important that major corporations be “good” corporate citizens in their community in 2009 compared to 2005 (86% in 2009 vs. 81% in 2005, on a top two box basis), they believe that the major corporations are doing remarkably less than they were five years ago (36% in 2009 vs. 12% in 2005).

“This study sheds light on the growing need for Corporate America to impact Latino lives both in the marketplace and on a grassroots level.” said Martin G. Cerda, President of Encuesta, Inc.

Survey Methodology

The November 2009 and February 2005 studies are based on a telephone poll conducted by Encuesta, Inc., among a nationally representative sample of non-Hispanic and Hispanic adults (ages 18 and over), in their choice of English or Spanish. The random probability sample mirrors the population’s known distribution of demographic, language usage, and acculturation variables.

On the following tables, letters next to percent denote a statistically significantly different measure at a 90% Confidence Level.

Table 1 – Importance of Major Corporations’ Being “Good” Corporate Citizens in the Community

Q. How important is it to you that major corporations in all industries be “good” corporate citizens in your community?

Table 2 – Major Corporations’ Involvement in the Community

Q. How would you rate major corporations in all industries today in terms of their involvement in your community? Would ….you say they are doing more, less, or about the same as they were five years ago?

Table 3 – Major Corporations’ Relevancy of Their Communication Efforts

Q. How would you rate major corporations in all industries today in terms of the relevancy of their communication efforts, ….by that I mean their advertising or promotion, specifically meant for consumers in your community?