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To kick start your digital marketing efforts in 2011, we came up with a list of 25 online marketing resolutions for the new year! Grouped by category, there’s something for every medium. Hopefully, you can find a resolution that works for your website.

25 digital marketing resolutions:

Social Media Marketing:

1. Define an ROI for your social media efforts
2. Create better (targeted, relevant, exciting) blog content
3. Create higher quality multimedia content
4. Energize your community
5. Take part in a new community or blog

Search Engine Optimization:

6. Ensure everyone touching your website understands SEO
7. Encourage natural links for your website
8. Craft web content with natural search in mind
9. Ensure your site is following on-page SEO best practices
10. Proactively request high quality, relevant backlinks

Paid Search Marketing:

11. Don’t overlook the basics of PPC management
12. Judge performance on conversions, not just CTR’s
13. Improve under performing campaigns or discontinue them
14. Improve (AB test) your ad copy
15. Understand when it’s time to outsource PPC management

Web Analytics

16. Tag everything! Establish proper site wide reporting
17. Set actionable, meaningful web metrics
18. Invest in tools to give you the answers
19. Establish AB or multivariate testing on landing pages
20. Ensure someone is responsible for results

Web Design

21. Invest in good great website design
22. Build better performing landing pages
23. Establish ROI projections for new designs
24. Design with different devices (mobile, tablet) in mind
25. Design for your consumers

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