In the flood of predictions, resolutions and annual reviews that fill up our inboxes and takeover the Web this time of year, three have really stood out for me. These are the ones that have inspired me, motivated me, and made me chuckle. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did…

~ Melanie, Associate Publisher

#1 – Three Words by Chris Brogan

This is such a great exercise for directing goals, especially if you have a hard time sticking to your resolutions, that I just had to share with you. It came as an email, and you’ll have to wait until January 1st for the official post… but in the meantime, here’s an excerpt. You can also check out last year’s post for inspiration. (Then sign up for his newsletter, if you haven’t already.)

“Every year since 2006 or so, I’ve skipped the tradition of throwing up a New Year’s Resolution that I’ll soon forget, and instead, I’ve focused on creating THREE WORDS that sum up all that I would like to focus on for the coming year. This method works well for several people, and over the years, we’ve had many people write out blog posts that describe their Three Words and how they use the model to improve themselves and/or their business in the coming year. It’s that time again.

I don’t unveil my own personal Three Words until January 1, but I’ll tell you about how it works by going through my 2011 words. My words were:

* Reinvest * Package * Flow”

#2 – How to do the best work of your life by Julien Smith

I had an opportunity to meet Julien at a conference a few years ago, not long after Trust Agents was released. I’m sure he doesn’t remember me, but he made an impression on me. His authenticity, and fearless approach toward rocking the boat, shaking things up and challenging the status quo (usually successfully), always leaves me inspired, and a little in awe.  I’m not sure if I need it, but I sure wish I had a little more of his chutzpah.

This post is an announcement of his new book, FLINCH, which is available for free and a must-read for anyone ready to break out and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in 2012.

#3 – Things I’d Like to See Happen in 2012 by Peter Shankman

A list filled with the things we often wish (but don’t say), this post is a humorous approach to your typical New Year’s Resolutions. From the “May 2012 be the year that passive aggressive status updates cease,” to “May 2012 be the year I learn to be a better listener ,” Peter’s list includes a touch of social media sarcasm and personal reflection that made me laugh, and you’re sure to appreciate.

So tell us, What…

  •  Are your 3 Words for 2012?
  • Would you like to stop flinching at in 2012?
  • Is on your 2012 Wish List?

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