Generational Wealth and Mental Health are two powerful and non-controversial topics that brands can support to engage the booming U.S. Hispanic market throughout the year

Ever get the sense that brands pay lip service to the U.S. Hispanic market each year during Hispanic Heritage Month, and then — for the next 11 months — their communication efforts to this market come to a standstill?

Orci CEO Marina Filippelli addresses this issue in her brilliant article for Campaign US, titled “Brands can be better Latiné allies by embracing what matters to us.”

The Los Angeles-based executive, who took over as CEO of the multicultural agency in 2020, provides two brilliant Hispanic marketing strategies that brands can deploy to go beyond the lip service and engage Latinos throughout the year. Brands, she says, should focus on the following two topics that matter immensely to Hispanics: Generational Wealth and Mental Health.

Filippelli’s explanation for the apparent post-Hispanic Heritage Month communication void is that brands are skittish about tapping into issues that they deem too controversial, such as the border crisis or discrimination.

“In their efforts to avoid controversy, brands are ignoring issues that Latinés care about,” Filippelli writes, “and as a result, they’re failing to build a strong emotional connection with a diverse group that could drive their future growth.”

To read Filippelli’s powerful article and some of her recommended strategies related to these two ideas, click here.

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