Jose Vargas Ulloa is the “Latino CyberGuy” providing brands inside access to the Latino Tech Market in Spanish/English TV, radio and social media in the United States. Mr. Ulloa has worked in the broadcast industry for over 25 years beginning as a radio news reporter for KIIS AM/FM. He also helped to create the Univision Network Traffic Department when it was launched in 1997 and was an Ombudsman to over 100 affiliates.

The Latino CyberGuy is a weekly contributor on the MundoFox Spanish TV Network in Los Angeles presenting a “live demo” tech segment for Channel 22 KWHY News and a three minute taped segment on the latest technology on the morning show Viva el 22.  He is also featured quarterly on the Fox11 GDLA #1 morning show in English in Los Angeles

Find out more on the Latino CyberGuy including the best ways to pitch him, when to reach him and what he’s looking to cover on his segments.

What advice would you give PR people when pitching you?

ULLOA: Be real, tell me how this relates to the average consumer you are trying to attract. Don’t just echo or repeat the bullet points and media hype!

How do you like to be pitched and what do you think of people pitching you via Twitter or Facebook?

ULLOA: Facebook and Twitter were never designed to be direct sales vehicles. Injecting a commercial in the middle of a conversation between friends is rude, insensitive, and 90% irrelevant to what’s being said. Facebook and Twitter are good listening posts for product awareness to give tips and tricks in a social setting.

What is your biggest pet peeve when being pitched?

ULLOA: The presenters have no hands on experience to the product capabilities beyond the press release!

What stories are you currently working on that you are seeking products, experts or content for?

ULLOA: Technology is somewhat stereotyped to the latest media launches by major brands and taken for granted in everyday products. As smart devices become integrated, I am looking for experts in autos, home, medicine, kitchen and entertaining via the latest app for the smartphone.

Do you prefer being pitched in English or in Spanish?

ULLOA: We live in a multilingual society in the US where I have the ability to relate to my audience in both languages.

Are there certain days and/or times when you are most available to connect?

ULLOA: Although we live in a 24/7 electronic connected world, our bodies are not designed that way mentally and physically. Unless it’s world breaking, first thing in the morning still works for me.

What is the most fundamental editorial change that has happened with you in the past three to five years?

ULLOA: That less is more! There is a belief that the more information you produce makes your product more attractive. Fit the need, not the want and leave a little mystery of discovery for the consumer. If you have to learn how to be a mechanic just to drive a car, nobody would be driving. What the average consumer is looking for is real life customer service, the one thing no e-machine can do with just stored information.

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