Exploring Insights from the Collaborative Hispanic Marketing Study by USHCC and Chemistry Cultura

How popular is TikTok with U.S. Hispanics? Muchisimo.

A whopping 48 percent of Latinos are engaging daily with the short-form video platform – far outpacing the general market’s adoption rate of 36 percent. Latinos are also outpacing the general market in using TikTok to discover new brands.

And, the younger the Latino, the more likely they are to hablar Spanglish – a hybrid language that mixes English and Spanish.

These are just three of the trends unveiled in The Latino Mosaic, a new joint study by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) and minority-certified marketing agency Chemistry Cultura.

The statistically significant survey polled 1,427 U.S. Hispanic adults, from a wide swath across country of origin, age, acculturation level, and language preference. Concurrently, the study also included a “control test” of equivalent size from the general market population. The combined results deliver the latest snapshot of the Latino demographic, currently representing one in five Americans.

“21st century marketers crave data to help them make smart decisions, and inform campaigns that deliver ROI from growth segments,” said Mike Valdes-Fauli, Chemistry Cultura’s COO and President of its multicultural division. “With Hispanics representing 50 percent of America’s net population growth, it’s thrilling to have a finger on the pulse of this critical demo. We often talk about insights, not stereotypes, and this study epitomizes that approach, delivering actionable recommendations for brands to win big with Latinos.”

Aqui are the top 10 insights from The Latino Mosaic study:

1. TikTok’s Dance of Influence: A staggering 48 percent of Latinos have made TikTok their digital dance floor, outpacing the general market’s 36 percent. Marketers and PR professionals should also take note that, for Hispanics, TikTok isn’t just about entertainment; 20 percent of Latinos reported discovering new brands on the platform, as opposed to only 11 percent of the general market.

2. Broadcast TV’s Resilience: Amid the digital revolución, there’s an unexpected stronghold: broadcast television. Despite being rapid adopters of social media, Latinos are still fervent viewers of television, including a whopping 42 percent who still watch broadcast television daily.

3. Generational Language Evolution: The study found that English increased exponentially as the preferred language at home with each younger generation. 50 percent of first-generation Hispanics prefer speaking Spanish at home, and that number drops to just four percent of the third generation.

4. The Rise of Spanglish: However, counter-intuitively, the opposite occurs with Spanglish: Rather than merely adopt English, 20 percent of Hispanic Gen Z – those born between 1997 and 2012 – are the arquitectos of linguistic evolution, sculpting a Spanglish symphony. They prefer Spanglish over either individual language, as compared to only 14 percent of Latino Millennials and 10 percent of Gen X.

5. Honoring Heritage Breeds Brand Loyalty: For Hispanics, it’s not just products that hold sway; it’s cultural allegiance. A resounding 57 percent of Latinos– much higher than the general market – credit their loyalty to those brands that exhibit “a respect for my Latino heritage.”

6. Authentic Casting Resonates: An advertising revolution is underway, and authenticity is its anthem, with Latinos prioritizing representation over product allure. When asked what element they most like in advertising, 34 percent of Hispanics said they heavily favored ads featuring Hispanic casting, as opposed to 19 percent who favored interest in the product.

7. Sprinkle Some Spanish: Language is more than words—it’s a reflection of identity. 65 percent of Latinos still prefer at least some Spanish in their advertising, revealing the intricate dance of bilingualism.

8. Latino, Not Latinx: Words have power, and “Latino” echoes stronger than “Latinx.” The Latino Mosaic study found that an overwhelming majority of the respondents refer to themselves based on country of origin and/or prefer the catch-all term Latino. The term Latinx was negligible in terms of usage, and was strongly refuted as “an inauthentic creation of corporate America.”

9. Music’s Rising Power: A harmonious discovery—music is a burgeoning passion point among younger generations, particularly Gen Z Latinos. Thirty-eight percent of Latino Zoomers say it’s their #1 passion point, vs. only 17 percent of Boomers (who prefer sports by a wide margin).

10. Lessons for the Future: With insights as guides, the path forward emerges clear. Brands must craft strategies steeped in authenticity, free from stereotypes, and reflective of the diverse mosaic that defines the U.S. Hispanic community. According to respondents, the top three mistakes that brands make in their Hispanic advertising are 1) the use of stereotypes, 2) misuse of language, and 3) not reflecting the immense diversity of the U.S. Hispanic community.

“Our focus at the USHCC is to empower Hispanic business success, and in so doing ignite broader American prosperity,” said Ramiro Cavazos, President & CEO of the USHCC. “To succeed with this fast-growing segment, brands must do their homework and demonstrate true commitment, not condescension. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to partner on this landmark study that will give a leg up to American companies, both large and small.”

Full survey results are available upon request at mosaic@ChemistryAgency.com.

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