Verizon’s multicultural #Freestyle50 campaign leads to record deal for up-and-coming rapper Tre’ Da Kid

Last Friday, Tami Erwin, Executive Vice President of Operations for Verizon, shared a LinkedIn post applauding a new, up-and-coming rapper Tre’ Da Kid.  What does Verizon have to do with hip-hop?

Verizon’s multicultural public relations team partnered with 300 Entertainment to create the #freestyle50 challenge. The campaign was open to a multicultural market and received submissions by urban and Hispanic rappers alike. Designed to provide a platform for emerging artists, #freestyle50 drove awareness and sales of a Verizon pre-paid offer available exclusively through Walmart. The campaign, that launched November 2016, encouraged up-and-coming music artists to submit a freestyle video about how they are “freestyling their way through life” via social media for an opportunity to win a single deal with 300 Entertainment and $10,000. The contest secured more than 8,000 entries over a two week period and introduced Verizon to hip hop culture through the very foundation that ignited it – freestyle.

The grand prize consisted of an opportunity to win a single deal with 300 Entertainment and $10,000.

April 14th marks the release date for Tre’ Da Kid’s ‘Run It’ single on major hip-hop label 300 Entertainment. Produced by one of today’s top producers, London on Da Track, and guided by legendary music executive and 300 Entertainment co-founder, Kevin Liles, the artist’s debut is part of Verizon’s #freestyle50 campaign.

The innovative campaign has also received nominations for the SABRE Awards, Big Apple PRSA among others.

See Tre’ Da Kid’s story on the Verizon News Center: