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República “rethinks relevant” in rebranding their Web site as

Republica SOY website

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República today unveiled its newly redesigned website,  .SOY is a new top level domain by Google, catering to the growing digital needs of the US Hispanic market. .SOY offers Hispanic consumers, brands, and publishers, a place to build, create and share culturally relevant web content.

“We are a very different company than we were five years ago and even two years ago — República has grown, our customers have evolved, multiculturalism has deepened, technology has changed and even marketing in general has transformed,” said Jorge A. Plasencia, República co-founder, chairman and CEO.” The new conveys this evolution and reflects our commitment to innovation and new platforms as we embrace our rich heritage,” he added.

Built as a responsive site, optimized for desktop, mobile or tablet viewing, provides a refreshed look at the agency’s capabilities, showcasing República’s full suite of integrated marketing services, as well as providing more insight into the personality and thinking of the agency. The site tells the story of República expressing its diverse and talented workforce; it also features the latest news and happenings via direct links to the agency’s social media networks.

“República has a mantra ‘to rethink relevant’ which is infused into everything we do,” said Luis Casamayor, República co-founder, president and CCO. “It has many applications and is not just about staying current, being cutting-edge or even marketing in English versus Spanish, it’s about challenging ourselves to think and do what makes sense – the new website and .SOY domain is a manifestation of this process and reflects who we are and where we are going as a company.”

With a proven track-record of working with large-scale national brands to effectively reach US Hispanic and multicultural audiences, República believes that .SOY is the solution for brands that want to reach bilingual and bicultural audiences with relevant and tailored content. To learn more about .SOY, visit

HPRA Announces National Winners of 2014 ¡BRAVO! Awards; Hispanicize launches Hispanicize Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES, CA – It was a historic night for the Hispanic Public Relations Association as HPRA held its 30th annual BRAVO Awards and Scholarship Gala last night at the historic Tamayo Restaurant.  Edelman Multicultural led all agencies with two of the eight National ¡BRAVO! Campaign of the Year Awards that were announced at the sold out dinner event.

Photo courtesy Eddie Sakaki Photography.

Edelman Multicultural won the Food & Beverage category for its“Starbucks Caramel Flan Latte Hispanic Program” and the Non Profit category for the 2013 U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Annual Convention “America’s Business Future”.

The other 2014 ¡BRAVO! Campaign of the Year Award winners were:

- The California Endowment for the category for Public Education for #Health4All Campaign

- Cohn & Wolfe INFUSE for the Fashion & Beauty category for “Colgate® Optic White ® Making ‘Tu Sonrisa’ Your Best Accessory”

- Merck with GCI Health for the Healthcare & Nutrition category for “Cuida Tu Diabetes, Cuida Tu Corazón”

- Balsera Communications for Media Event (Corporate) for “Hispanicize Positive Impact: Celebrating Latinos Who Do Remarkable Good Deeds”2014 HPRA National ¡BRAVO! Campaign of the Year Award


- República for the category of Integrated Marketing “Goya World of Flavors”

- Imprenta Communications Group, Inc. for the Public Education Non Profit category for its California Department of Industrial Relations Wage Theft campaign

After Party Features Launch of Hispanicize Los Angeles, Hispanicize Stars Awards

The BRAVO Awards were followed by the Hispanicize-HPRA after party that was sponsored by the Greater Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau and República.

The after party marked the official launch of the Hispanicize Los Angeles City Group that is under the leadership of Barney Santos of Unilever, Jose Villa of The Sensis Agency, Lizza Monet Morales of and Willy Villarreal of Edelman Multicultural.

As part of the after party, which also raised money for the scholarship fund of HPRA LA, Hispanicize L.A.’s team recognized three local Latino influencers for their work in journalism, marketing and Latin music.  the 2014 Hispanicize Los Angeles influencer “Stars” were:

- Magaly Ortiz, Entertainment reporter, Primer Impacto. For her achievements in the world of journalism and being a go-to source on entertainment news for Latinos.

- Diana Beas, Head of Music Licensing + Latin Music at Secret Road Music For her contribution to the Latin music industry, endless support of indie artists and always championing for their success.

- Jose Villa, President of The Sensis Agency, for his contribution as a leading Hispanic thought leaders in the marketing industry.


From left to right, the 2014 Hispanicize Stars of Los Angeles: Magaly Ortiz, Entertainment reporter, Primer Impacto; Jose Villa, President of The Sensis Agency; and Diana Beas, Head of Music Licensing + Latin Music at Secret Road Music.

3M returns as presenting sponsor for the 2015 Positive Impact Awards




The Positive Impact Awards will be held on March 19, 2015, and nominations will be accepted through December 8, 2014.

3M will return as the presenting sponsor for the 2015 Positive Impact Awards, which will take place during Hispanicize 2015, the nation’s premier Latino trends event for bloggers, marketers, journalists, musicians, filmmakers and tech leaders. Now in its sixth year, Hispanicize will take place in Miami at the InterContinental Miami Hotel from March 16-20, 2015.

Nominations for the awards are being accepted online through December 8, 2014 at Five honorees will be chosen from those nominated by a panel of leaders from various industries, including Hispanicize 2015 advisory board members. Audiences will later have the chance to vote online for one honoree to be recognized as Positive Impact Person of the Year at the awards gala on March 19, 2015 in Miami.

“When we partnered with 3M to do this program, we simply had a vision to tell the inspiring stories of Latinos who excel at doing good, but we couldn’t have imagined what an empowering and profoundly moving program this would become for the event,” said Hispanicize founder Manny Ruiz.

Dr. Anthony Gonzalez is known throughout the nation for his advancements in robotic surgery, but in many underserved communities, he’s known simply as Dr. Tony.

Several times a year, he leaves his ginormous job as chief of surgery at Baptist Hospital of Miami and heads to the impoverished villages of Northern Haiti, where he repairs hernias, cuts out tumors and performs other life-saving procedures at no cost. In his hometown of Miami, he offers many of his services pro-bono, helping those who lack good medical care.

Dr. Gonzalez’s unyielding devotion to vulnerable patients is at the heart of the Hispanicize Positive Impact Awards, which honors outstanding Latinos who work tirelessly to uplift their communities.

Dr. Gonzalez, who was among the 2014 award winners, said he loves the personal connections he makes through healing. “It allows me to serve with the gifts given to me by God,” said Gonzalez, who is also the medical director for the Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission.

“3M is able to make a strong connection with the Latino community through the powerful, uplifting work of these winners,” said Stephen Sanchez, 3M’s global communications manager. “That’s why it is such an honor to sponsor these awards and be affiliated with this event.”

Hispanicize 2015 is expected to gather more than 2,100 of the nation’s most influential Latino professionals over five days. The event will take place in downtown Miami.

For more information about the Positive Impact Awards, please click here

MARKETING PROfile: Javier Moreno, manager of external affairs and communications for Toyota Motor North America Inc.



Javier Moreno manager of external affairs and communications for Toyota Motor North America, has a solid reputation of engagement with the Hispanic community, including attending events featuring Latino influencers and incorporating Hispanic bloggers and communicators in Toyota’s activations.


Toyota has long been recognized as the top-selling auto brand among U.S. Hispanic customers, but it didn’t happen overnight. From testing its first cars in the mountainous terrain of Puerto Rico, to the Corolla holding its place as the number one national selling vehicle in the Hispanic market, the Toyota brand’s successful trajectory has been a long one, and it looks as though it will continue that way, thanks to its young, energetic driver at the wheel– Javier Moreno, manager of external affairs and communications for Toyota Motor NorthAmerica (TMNA), Inc. in Plano, Texas.

Previously, Moreno served as manager of corporate communications at Toyota’s North American holding company based in New York City. His responsibilities included media and investor relations, social media, marketing communications and multicultural outreach.

Now, Moreno’s role has shifted to being a national spokesperson for the company, to establish Toyota’s public presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex through the management of media relations, government affairs and community relations.

Javier Moreno talked to Hispanic PR Blog recently, addressing topics raging from Toyota’s marketing strategy with Latinos, the brand’s (and his) involvement with national Hispanic events and conferences, and the challenges of persuading the Latino community to embrace a more green lifestyle through the use of hybrid cars.


Being involved with Hispanic initiatives/marketing isn’t new to Toyota. But it is new to a lot of other brands. What made Toyota realize this was an important demographic from the get-go?

Toyota has advertised to U.S. Latinos for more than 30 years, while many brands are just now realizing the importance of the Hispanic market and are trying to catch up. Our strategy has been both comprehensive and integrated and incorporates elements of marketing, public relations, community relations and stakeholder and influencer engagement. Toyota campaigns such as Somos Muchos Latinos celebrate the diversity within the Hispanic community, yet acknowledge that we are one family.


Toyota is involved with several Hispanic events/conferences throughout the year. Why do you feel it’s important to be involved with these events and what has the brand gained from their partnerships?

We strive to remain close to the market in order to understand each unique culture and be able to speak about the opportunities that Toyota vehicles provide in the most relevant and respectful way. Serving as a title sponsor for premier Hispanic events and conferences allows us to not only engage with the Latino community, but also thank them for their business. These connectionsare the basis of our multicultural-marketing approach and it’s why we’ve seen success in this important market.


I’ve noticed that Toyota is using social media to reach Hispanics. A lot of brands are hesitant to involve social media in their yearly campaigns, especially Latinos in social media, yet Toyota has fully embraced it. Can you tell us more about the #VayamosJuntos campaign? Who organized this campaign? Is it the Toyota internal communications team? Or do you work with an agency or a blogging network?

Hispanics are the most active group on social media in the U.S. —80 percent of Latinos are digitally engaged, according to Pew Hispanic Research. So Toyota knows they’re a target online audience. #VayamosJuntos is actually an extension of Toyota’s “Let’s Go Places” slogan. And while it’s not the literal translation, we wanted the Spanish-language slogan to truly reflect the meaning behind “Let’s Go Places.” In researching the new slogan, we found that “vamos” is the more commonly used word, but may insinuate a mandate. Meanwhile, “vayamos” is more of an invitation.

#VayamosJuntos is another example of how Toyota strives to engage Latinos in a more relevant,authentic way. We know it’s about more than simply translating from English to Spanish. Toyota Latino is managed by our internal team with support from Conill Advertising. Conill has been an excellent agency to work with over the past three decades.


Does Toyota approach their marketing towards Latinos differently than toward non-
Latinos? In other words, how does your approach differ? What data or culture quirks and customs do you notice when it comes to car buying from Latinos vs. other demographics?

The Total Toyota (T2) approach is a “total market” strategy. As the corporate communications team, we’re actively establishing deeper relationships with influential Latino communities in the U.S. through our Hispanic Business Strategy Group. Our strategy is both comprehensive and integrated.

When it comes to trends, we’ve seen that Latinos are more likely to own mainstream subcompact and compact cars, such as the Toyota Corolla, followed by mainstream mid-sized cars and then full-sized and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Hispanics are also more likely to choose a Japanese- branded vehicle over other brands. They’re also going to rely more on friends and family for information on a certain vehicle, rather than what they read in print or see on television.


How do Latinos feel about hybrid cars? Do you think it’s harder to convince Hispanics to go green than other demographics? Why or why not?

It’s a work in progress. As the creator of the Prius, Toyota knows hybrid technology and has shown that it’s a proven technology, saving American’s about $5 billion in fuel costs over the past 14 years. We have the opportunity to continue to work with the Latino community and share the benefits of hybrid technology and are doing just that.

The Prius family currently accounts for about 41 percent of all alternative fuel vehicle sales among Hispanics. And while Latinos have been slower to adopt hybrid technology, sales increased from roughly 12,701 total units sold in 2009, to more than 40,000 units 2013.


What has Toyota done to market the hybrid car and convince Hispanics to embrace a green lifestyle?

Strategies such as our social media partnership with Latino influencers such as Jon Secada aim to promote a greener lifestyle to U.S. Hispanics. Secada is a well-known and trusted public figure for Latinos and his endorsement of the Toyota Prius strengthens our message of increasing sustainability awareness within the market.


What can Hispanic consumers expect from Toyota in 2015? Will Toyota be at more events? Increase or decrease their social media presence? Launch a new advertising campaign? Etc.

Consistency is key in order to continue with our success. While we can’t share everything, we do know we’ll remain aggressive in this market and continue to promote our core products, such as the Tundra and Corolla. We’d also like to continue improving hybrid technology acceptance among Latinos. Following the 10 year milestone as no. 1 among U.S. Hispanics, we have some great things in store in order to thank our Latino consumers for their business and continuous support.


Variety Latino measures Hispanics’ emotional connection to Latino celebrities via nationwide survey




Screenshot, Variety Latino Web site (


Variety Latino, launched last March through a partnership between Univision Communications, Inc. and Variety Media LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Media Corporation– has conducted a first-ever nationwide survey to measure the brand power, appeal and influence of today’s top Latino film and television actors based on U.S. Hispanics’ emotional connection to them. Reflecting the survey’s findings, Variety Latino has ranked the celebrities in a list titled “Power of Latinos: 20 Most Influential Stars,” now available on as part of their Hispanic Heritage Month special content.

Variety Latino commissioned celebrity branding authority Jeetendr Sehdev to survey a random sampling of Hispanic men and women, in both Spanish and English, across a wide range of U.S. cities, incomes, acculturation levels and age groups. Aimed at ranking the overall appeal and influence of Hispanic stars among members of their own community, the survey measured parameters such as perceived authenticity, accessibility, relatability, likability, grace, style, humor, community involvement and activism, and social media popularity.

Among its findings, the survey revealed that 78 percent of people surveyed agree that Latino celebrities who have crossed over into Hollywood from Spanish-language media are good role models for the community, and that 83 percent agree that humor permits a heightened emotional connection and increases engagement with the celebrity—which could explain why Sofia Vergara and Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez are both ranked No.1 on the list of the 20 Most Influential Stars.

Since its launch in March 2014, the Variety Latino digital destination has experienced sustained growth, recently surpassing 1.5 million monthly unique visitors.

“The enormous –and practically instant– success of the Variety Latino brand has been extremely gratifying and exciting, driving us to continue moving the needle in the industry to provide the Hispanic audiences with the most comprehensive, reliable, up-to-the-minute inside information on the world of entertainment,” said Angie Romero, Editor, Variety Latino. “This landmark ranking of today’s biggest Latino stars as seen through the eyes of the U.S. Hispanic community is just one more example of the kind of exclusive, fascinating content that is making Variety Latino the nation’s most popular digital destination for Spanish-language entertainment news.”

Beyond its home at, Variety Latino features a Hollywood-themed segment on Univision Network’s top-rated news magazine “Primer Impacto,” and biweekly syndicated segments on Univision’s national affiliates. Additionally, Variety Latino is developing weekly original English-language video programming in conjunction with Fusion, a joint venture between Univision and Disney/ABC Television Network.

Hispanicize city groups launch in Los Angeles, Miami and New York to unite Latino influencers in blogging, marketing, journalism, entertainment and tech



Image credit: Hispanicize Event


In recognition of the growing synergies between Latino influencers from the industries of marketing, blogging, journalism, film, music and tech, Hispanicize today announced the launch of Hispanicize city groups for Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

The three initial Hispanicize city groups will provide a one-of-a-kind, ongoing platform for Latino influencers from these industries in these metro areas to routinely connect with each other online and in person.

“The Hispanicize city groups are unlike anything anybody has ever seen in the U.S. Hispanic space because they are multi-industry focused, they regularly feature physical gatherings that will be fun and creative and they complement and don’t compete with other Latino organizations,” said Manny Ruiz, chairman of the Hispanicize companies collective that owns Hispanicize 2015, the Latina Mom Bloggers network, Hispanicize Wire and the Hispanic PR Blog as well as a large interest in Being Latino.

Each of the city group leaders will be responsible for managing their local Facebook-based groups with relevant content and will also host monthly gatherings, which among other things will range from private jam sessions with LATIN GRAMMY winning artists to fishing tournaments and much more.  Even though membership is by private invite only of regional Hispanicize city leaders, the groups will be welcoming of everyone that fits the proper industry criteria.

“We are inclusive, anti-clique and focused on making sure that every single Hispanicize city group activity across the U.S. always ties back to doing social good,” said Ruiz.  “As other Latino leaders in other cities step up we will launch additional city groups but our focus is not on quantity but quality.”

As part of the Hispanicize city groups’ mission to serve their region’s Latino communities each city group will raise funds for a local non-profit organization every time they gather.

Hispanicize Los Angeles is supporting the student scholarship fund of the Hispanic Public Relations Associations/Los Angeles Chapter.  Hispanicize Miami is focusing on ASPIRA of Florida. The Hispanicize New York-Tri State group is raising funds for the New York chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.




Hispanicize Los Angeles is being led by Willy Villarreal of Edelman; Barney Santos of Unilever and the Latino Startup Alliance; Jose Villa of The Sensis Agency; and Lizza Monet Morales of

Hispanicize Miami’s group leaders are Christian Martinez of Facebook; Mike Valdes-Fauli of Pinta; Amanda Taylor of Las Gringas Blog; Wally Sabria of The Axis Agency; George Cabrera of ASPIRA Florida; and Andres Dalmastro of Dalmastro, Inc.

Hispanicize New York is being helmed by George “Urban Jibaro” Torres of Sofrito Media Group and the Latino Startup Alliance; Vanessa Smith of Impacto Latin News; Calixto Chinchilla, co-founder of the New York International Film Festival; Mike Warner of Egami Consulting Group; and Leaura Luciano of

Even though the city groups are currently only available in three regions of the country, professionals in other parts of the country that are in the fields of journalism, blogging, marketing, entertainment and technology are encouraged to join the national influencers group of Hispanicize:


Siempre Mujer announces winner, finalists of inaugural cover contest


Siempre Mujer magazine cover (Siempre Mujer,


Siempre Mujer today announced the winner and three finalists of its inaugural Cover Contest. Presented by The Lincoln Motor Company, the contest gave the magazine’s readers an opportunity to shine, and revealed four fresh faces representing the courage, beauty and strength of Latinas.

Siempre Mujer invited readers to share their stories from April to July for an opportunity to appear on the cover of Siempre Mujer’s October/November 2014 issue, and win prizes valued at $10,000, including a trip to New York City for the cover photo shoot and a meet-and-greet with the editors, a four-night/five-day getaway for two to San Juan Marriot Resort & Stellaris Casino in Puerto Rico, and a two-year subscription to the magazine. The winner also received a portfolio with professional modeling photos from the photo shoot.

Alexis Payne, the winner of the contest and “La Musa de Siempre Mujer,” is a 21-year-old Miami native studying public relations at the University of South Carolina. Chosen for her confidence and commitment to her career, Payne attributes her outgoing personality to her Uruguayan mother, who instilled in her a drive to succeed and pride in her Hispanic heritage.

Payne thrives on adventure. She has practiced gymnastics since she was six years old and recently took up wakeboarding and snowboarding. Like many young women, she cares about the way she looks, but refuses to let physical beauty define her.

“Being Latina does not mean that we only care about beauty and appearance,” says Payne. “I’m always fighting that stereotype.”

Payne made her national television debut on Sept. 30, when she joined Siempre Mujer Editor-in-Chief María Cristina Marrero to reveal the winner and finalists of the Cover Contest on Univision’s Despierta America. 

The three finalists of the contest are Caridad Rodriguez, a Bronx, N.Y., native with Puerto Rican roots who doesn’t let difficulties get in the way of her goals; Melissa Rojas, a Mexican from Edinburg, Texas who aspires to be a successful physical therapist; and Marcy Linares, a Salvadoran who arrived in Los Angeles alone with a suitcase full of dreams.

Siempre Mujer readers also had the opportunity to select the people’s choice “La Musa de” winner by voting on during July. The winner, Los Angeles native Ahide Becerra-González, is also featured in the October/November issue of Siempre Mujer and on, and received a four-night/five-day getaway to Aruba, and a two-year subscription to the magazine.

“The winners and finalists of the Siempre Mujer Cover Contest represent what Latinas are in this country: smart, hard-working leaders who are finding their own happiness,” says Marrero. “This is just the beginning of a lifetime of success for these beautiful and talented women.”

“The Lincoln Motor Company is proud to partner with Siempre Mujer and provide this opportunity to empower inspiring Latinas,” said David Rodriguez, Multicultural Marketing Manager-Lincoln. “La Musa de Siempre Mujer is a wonderful opportunity to integrate the all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC, which launched this summer. The Lincoln MKC embodies qualities that align with the spirit of the La Musa program—confidence, beauty and class— which makes it a great fit with our Latina marketing efforts.”


MiTú Network and Maker Studios sign exclusive deal for original content for Latinos


Maker Studios logo (


Maker Studios, a multi-channel network which is owned by Disney, today announced the signing of an exclusive deal that will allow MiTú Network to create original branded content targeting the Hispanic market.

As per the new partnership, Maker will have access to MiTú’s Latino talent base, and will produce content in both English and Spanish.

“Hispanic millennials in the U.S. are avid viewers of online video across all platforms,” said Jason Krebs, Maker’s head of sales. “Teaming up with MiTú allows us to meet the demands of so many of our brand partners who want to connect with today’s young generation of Latinos, as well as provide this service to new advertising partners.”


To read more, click here

Target, Macy’s, and Sherwin-Williams join Hispanic Heritage festivities


Business Wire / Macy’s


With the kickoff of Hispanic Heritage Month, retailers are eager to join the fiesta.And they’re hoping to woo Hispanic shoppers, who are typically younger and more open to shopping through both social media and mobile devices.

As the Hispanic population grows in the U.S., the stakes get higher for stores every year, with retailers struggling to keep up with key demographic changes. Nielsen reports that 38% of Hispanics between the ages of 18 and 29 are bilingual — a jump of 73% in the past decade. (Nielsen calls this group the Bi-Llennials.)

And Latino Millennials now account for nearly 20% of Gen Y.

Macy’s, for example, is zeroing in on these young women with its programs this year, bringing together three notable Latinas — Jasmine Villegas (actress, singer and Twitter powerhouse), fashion blogger Julie Sariñana and Kika Rocha, former People en Español fashion director — for a talk tour at seven of its stores. The trio will dish on culture and fashion influences, and Villegas will also sing.

Some retailers are creating campaigns designed to promote causes that resonate with young Hispanics. Sherwin-Williams, for example — the Cleveland, Ohio-based paint retailer — is partnering with artists Edwin Gil and Alexander Mijares, who are using Sherwin-Williams colors to create community art projects. Gil, who is a Colombian native, will use the paint in his international anti-bullying project, called Faces of Diversity. And Mijares, a Miami native, is set to help headline the opening of LAB ART Texas.

The company says it’s part of an effort to connect the cultural color elements of Hispanic heritage, including a hashtag campaign, #EstoPintaBien, to help people connect with the company and show off the colors that make their homes and communities come alive.

The Minneapolis-based Target is sponsoring the Hispanic Heritage Awards, hosted by actors Edward James Olmos and Award-Winning Actress Judy Reyes.


To read the original post on MediaPost, click here


Macy’s celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with influential Latinas

Business Wire / Macy’s


This fall, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Macy’s (NYSE:M) honors Latin-American women Jasmine Villegas, Julie Sariñana and Kika Rocha, who have each influenced and shaped American popular culture via their fashion, beauty and lifestyle expertise. With exciting special events across the country, Macy’s is set to commemorate these three influential Latinas through live candid conversations that will inspire customers to embrace their style heritage.

“Macy’s recognizes and values the contributions Latinos have made to our nation, not only in fashion, but also in beauty and every aspect of American popular culture. We look forward to celebrating these achievements with our Hispanic Heritage Month events from coast-to-coast,” said Dineen Garcia, Macy’s vice president of Diversity Strategies.

Jasmine Villegas, the multi-talented actress and singer who has amassed a huge following, recently signed with Interscope Records. In 2012 she was listed as the No. 3 Most Powerful Woman on Twitter and No. 1 Top Twitter User in Los Angeles by Villegas most recently released her latest single “That’s Me Right There,” which features Kendrick Lamar and has plans to release an EP in the fall, followed by her full-length major label debut in early 2015.

Julie Sariñana founded the blog Sincerely Jules in February 2009 as a creative outlet to express her thoughts, inspirations, style and love of everything cool. Sariñana chronicles her daily style, travels and life and continues to inspire and motivate her readers, one outfit at a time.

Kika Rocha, former People en Español fashion director, knows a thing or two about passion and following dreams. Fluent in four languages, Rocha encourages women to look their best and discover new secrets while sharing the next “it” trend with her 1 million readers on social media and her blog De Tacones Y Mas. She is currently a red carpet fashion host at Telemundo and has a weekly beauty segment on Telemundo’s national morning show “Un Nuevo Dia.”

Macy’s Hispanic Heritage Month events will take place at stores across the country including Bronx, NY; Wheaton, MD; Chicago; Miami; Santa Clara, CA; San Diego and San Antonio. Customers will have the opportunity to be part of a casual conversation with the three Latina influencers, who will speak on cultural heritage and the role it has played in their lifestyles. Villegas will also perform her latest single, set to be released later this year. Customers can shop Macy’s specially-styled closet with fashions inspired by Villegas, Sariñana and Rocha as well as have the opportunity to meet the three influencers and take a photo with them in the Macy’s photo booth.

Fans will also receive a copy of Jasmine V’s song “That’s Me Right There” which features Kendrick Lamar and their very own Macy’s swag bag with any purchase of $25 or more during the event, while supplies last.

Macy’s Hispanic Heritage Month events will take place at the following locations:


Macy’s Bay Plaza – Bronx, NY – Friday, Sept. 19 at 6:30 p.m.
Macy’s Wheaton – Wheaton, MD – Saturday, Sept. 20 at 2 p.m.
Macy’s State Street – Chicago – Thursday, Sept. 25 at 5:30 p.m.
Macy’s Dadeland – Miami – Saturday, Sept. 27 3 p.m.
Macy’s Valley Fair – Santa Clara, CA – Thursday, Oct. 2 at 6 p.m.
Macy’s Fashion Valley – San Diego – Saturday, Oct. 4 at 2 p.m.
Macy’s North Star – San Antonio – Saturday, Oct. 11 at 2 p.m.

#FestivalPeople goes viral, generating over a billion impressions on social media


(Screenshot via Twitter)


The sights and sounds of the 3rd annual Festival PEOPLE en Espanol reverberated around the world; with the event’s hashtag #FestivalPeople going viral and generating more than a billion social media impressions leading up to the start of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“The 3rd annual Festival People en Espanol delivered a universal message of inspiration, personal empowerment and cultural pride to Latinos around the world,” says Monique Manso, publisher, People en Espanol. “Through exciting live performances, powerful conversations and focused community engagement, this year’s Festival People en Espanol was a unique celebration of our heritage and a powerful testament to the brand’s connection to community.”

Garnering rave reviews from fans and media alike, the two-day Festival took place in San Antonio, TX over Labor Day weekend (August 30-31) and focused on empowering youth through the theme “Inspiring the Next Generation.” According to Latin Post – the “…Festival made its mark on San Antonio this weekend”!  Over two full days, Festival PEOPLE en Espanol offered fun, interactive activities for families, youth empowerment programs, free giveaways, and exclusive access to the latest debuts of top television shows, telenovelas and movies.

The Festival’s expanded, free daytime events featured twice as many celebrities, double the amount of meet & greets and nearly double the number of performers as compared to last year. The Festival PEOPLE en Espanol line-up of more than 30 celebrities and influencers included: Saul Canelo Alvarez, Don Francisco, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Congressman Joaquin Castro, Ana Maria Polo, Henry Cisneros, Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza, Isabel Sanchez, Dr. Juan Rivera, Mane de la Parra, Priscila Angel, Gabriel Coronel,Genesis Rodriguez, Miguel Arteta, Maite Perroni, Chris Perez, DJ Ernie D, Matt Hunter, Rosie Castro, Julian Gil, Las Fenix, Blue Demon Jr., Maria Marin, Myrka Dellanos, Eduardo Verastegui, Edith Gonzalez and Jaci Velasquez. Festival PEOPLE en Espanol’s ‘Chicas Poderosas’ concert powered by Disney was a highlight of the weekend on Saturday night – featuring energetic performances by pop singing sensations Zendaya and Becky G.  A slate of star-studded youth empowerment programs took place on Sunday offering intimate access to the industry’s top teen performers Becky G., Zendaya and Leslie Grace, who each shared their groundbreaking journeys and offered words of advice for overcoming obstacles and achieving success.  Plus, Las Fenix, Leslie Grace, Matt Hunter and Miguelito performed.

More than just a weekend of celebrities and concerts, organizers of Festival PEOPLE en Espanol reached beyond the walls of Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center to empower San Antonio’s youth; bringing the Festival’s theme of “Inspiring the Next Generation” to life at three local San Antonio schools.


To read more, click here. 

HPRA Early Entry registration deadline for National ¡Bravo! Awards is August 29th




The deadline to take advantage of the early entry fees for entering an agency, corporation, or organization into the HPRA National ¡Bravo Awards! is tomorrow, August 29th.

In its seventh year, the recently renamed HPRA Campaign of the Year, now the HPRA National ¡Bravo! Awards, covers the following categories: Technology, Healthcare/Nutrition, Fashion & Beauty,  Food & Beverage, Public Education, Sports, New Product/Service Launch, Pro-Bono, One-time Media Event, Integrated Marketing, Non-profit, and Digital/Social Media.

In order to be eligible, work must have been implemented between June 1, 2013 and June 1, 2014.

Entries will be accepted until the final deadline, Thursday, September 4 by 5:00 p.m.


For more details, click here