Ethnic Groups Don’t See Themselves in Advertising, Digital Content


Creative that appeals to race, background is key to engagement Brands that want to reach ethnic minorities online are not doing a very good job, according to some research. An April 2011 survey by Yahoo!, Mindshare and Added Value found that according to Hispanics, blacks and Asian-Americans, digital advertising does not engage them. When asked for three brands doing a good job reaching them, most said they couldn’t name even one. One big reason was that respondents felt their ethnic groups were poorly represented
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Win With Ethnic Consumers: That’s the Rallying Cry at ANA Conference

It's amazing to hear C-level executives –- from Pepsico to Home Depot, Miller Coors and Walmart -- tell the crowd of over 700 people that marketing to ethnic consumers has become a business imperative for their corporations, and that the only way they are going to achieve their numbers in these tough economic times is by focusing on Latinos, African-Americans and Asians. After two full days of presentations, for me the key takeaway boiled down to a realization that I think may help you demystify this thing called
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Kmart’s Holiday Approach to Ethnic Markets

Kmart Logo

The first clue that something needed to change was the shopping carts. Or, more specifically, what was in them. Hispanic customers were snapping up styles from Jaclyn Smith, a Kmart designer meant to target the general market. "Jaclyn Smith was selling to Hispanics and Jaclyn isn't centered in the popular culture of the Hispanic market," said Mark Snyder, chief marketing officer at Kmart. "We had a lot of diverse ethnicity on the floor, and a lot of cross shopping between products and segments." Armed with that
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Ethnic insights form foundations of McDonald’s marketing

The marketing at McDonald's is informed first and foremost by ethnic insights that shape the chain's marketing to African Americans, Asians and Hispanics. Then McDonald's lays those insights over work for the general market. "Ethnic segments are leading lifestyle trends," Neil Golden, chief marketer officer of McDonald's USA, told the ANA assembly. He added that his team decided to "start with the ones who are setting the pace." They're also where a lot of the money is. Mr. Golden said 40% of McDonald's current
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