NBC News explores the rising popularity — and controversy — of the term “Latinx”

Political scientist and NBC News contributor Stephen Nuño-Pérez and NBC News researcher and reporter Gwen Aviles co-authored an article exploring the issues surrounding the gender-neutral term “Latinx.” In the March 7th article, the co-authors interview scholars, students and professional Hispanics regarding their views on the term’s growing popularity. “Some see Latinx as an elitist attempt to erase a history of more traditional gender roles,” they write, “or as a distraction from other pressing issues facing Latinos in the United States.”

Is ‘Latinx’ elitist? Some push back at the word’s growing use

The gender-neutral “Latinx” is becoming the preferred term over “Latino” or “Latina” in some circles — but Hispanic-Americans are debating among themselves about whether it should be.

The question goes to the heart of Hispanic identity in America, and it sheds light on the diverse array of family histories and present-day experiences of millions of people who would have a hard time agreeing on a single word to encapsulate who they are.

Pronounced “Lah-teen-EX,” the term has emerged among younger and more progressive Hispanics — as well as scholars, writers and civil rights advocates — to express inclusiveness and recognize the sexual, ethnic and racial diversity of Hispanics.Unlike “Latino” or “Latina,” the term does not refer to any specific gender.

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Source: NBC News