Milk industry continues reaching Hispanics adding Maggie Jimenez as Milk Mustache celebrity

MIAMI, Fl –  Mexican TV host, chef and mom, Maggie Jimenez partnered with the Hispanic ‘got milk?’ campaign to encourage Hispanic moms to ‘milk the moment’ by setting the dinner table with milk. Debuting in the next milk mustache ad alongside her daughters, Maggie hopes to show Latina moms how easy it is to help strengthen families by setting the table with milk.

“I am truly honored to join the Hispanic Milk Mustache Campaign, as a
mother there is nothing more important than building a strong family
and setting good examples such as drinking low-fat milk and sharing
meals together. Given the nine essential nutrients that milk provides,
pairing it with dinner is an easy way to help build a strong family
both physically and emotionally,” Maggie said. “I encourage all
Hispanic moms to do the same.”

As the latest milk mustache advocate, Maggie wants to educate Hispanic
moms on how serving milk with dinner can significantly increase the
nutrient value of any meal.