Lopez Negrete Celebrates 25 Anniversary

Lopez NegreteLopez Negrete Communications, Inc., a leading Hispanic advertising agency, is celebrating its 25th anniversary of serving the Latino community by providing insightful and strategic work that keeps its prestigious clients in the forefront of Hispanic communications and engagement this Friday.

It was the 1980 Census results that led founders Alex and Cathy Lopez Negrete to open the agency in 1985. Their vision of bridging the gap between Corporate America and the Hispanic consumer with communications that empower each of them to achieve their goals has not wavered since day one.

“Today, more than ever before, the Hispanic consumer is absolutely vital to Corporate America, and not just for revenue growth, but for its very survival,” explains President, CEO and Chief Creative Officer Alex Lopez Negrete. “CEOs and CMOs who are chartered with the responsibility of delivering stockholder value, must look to the segment we are adept at delivering for their success. Over our 25 years in business we have built a treasure trove of case studies which undeniably prove that marketing to Hispanics in a consistent, relevant and measureable manner can make this consumer a lifeline of a brand who intends to succeed in the future.” Read More »