Is This Group Really More Social?

By Lee Vann
CEO, Captura Group

When my friend Manny Ruiz asked me to speak about Hispanics and social media at the first annual Hispanic PR and Social Media Conference in Dallas coming up on May 11, I thought I would address a question that is on the minds of many marketers today: Are Hispanics really more social?

Getting to the bottom of this question is critical because there seems to be a disconnect among Hispanic marketers when it comes to social media. On one hand, there are countless studies indicating that Hispanics are extremely engaged with social media. On the other hand, few marketers are proactively leveraging social media to reach online Hispanics.

Hispanics Are More Social, Really

In the past year, many studies have clearly demonstrated that Hispanics are actively using social media in large numbers. Here are three points to consider:

1. A critical mass of U.S. Hispanics uses social media websites Read More »