Hispanicize invites Latinos to join UNICEF’s super dad campaign to celebrate fathers

Hispanicize organizers are calling on Latino leaders and digital creators to take action on Father’s Day by supporting UNICEF’s “Early Moments Matter” initiative.

To make this happen, Hispanicize team members are mobilizing Latino influencers and bloggers to take part in the Super Dads campaign, a new UNICEF initiative launched to celebrate fatherhood, and highlight the importance of love, play, protection and good nutrition for the healthy development of young children’s brains.

Stars from the world of entertainment and sport including Thalía, Mahershala Ali, David Beckham, the All Blacks, Daniel Cormier, Novak Djokovic, Lewis Hamilton, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan, Hugh Jackman, Sachin Tendulkar, and Chris Weidman have all joined the campaign.

Earlier this year, Hispanicize named UNICEF as the annual event’s official charity. Claudia Gonzalez Romo, Chief of Public Advocacy at UNICEF, also served as chair of the first annual Hispanicize CMO Summit.

“It is wonderful to have the support of Hispanicize and the Latino community for this important Super Dads initiative,” said Gonzalez Romo. “This is an opportunity for us to celebrate good parenting everywhere and ensure better futures for every child.”

Good parenting in early childhood, especially during the first 1,000 days, sparks neural connections in children’s brains, laying the foundation for their future successes. Research also suggests that when children positively interact with their fathers, they have better psychological health, self-esteem and life-satisfaction in the long-term.

“As Latinos we understand the important role that a father plays during the formative years of our children’s lives and beyond,” said Angela Sustaita-Ruiz, CMO and co-founder of the Hispanicize Media Group. “We’re proud to support this important initiative, and invite the Latino community to join us so that together we can better children’s chances are of reaching optimal health, happiness and learning ability.”

With more than 90 countries celebrating Father’s Day this month, Hispanicize is inviting families to post photos and videos of what it takes to be ‘super dads,’ using the hashtag #EarlyMomentsMatter on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. To inspire families across the world to share their ‘super dads’ moments, UNICEF is posting photos on Instagram and Twitter. The campaign even has a photo gallery that will be up through Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18th. Hispanicize is calling on all Latino vloggers, bloggers and content creators to join in the Super Dad initiative and submit photos and videos particularly before June 18 with the hashtag #EarlyMomentsMatter.

The ‘Super Dads’ initiative forms part of UNICEF’s #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign, which aims to drive increased understanding of how children’s environments and experiences in early childhood can shape their future health, well-being, ability to learn, and even how much they will earn as adults.

For more information about #EarlyMomentsMatter please visit: www.unicef.org/earlymoments