• http://www.telenoticiasusa.com David Henry

    Great blog, Jose.

  • http://www.sensisagency.com Jose Villa

    thanks David – I hope you found the article useful.

  • http://www.beachbettypr.com Shelly Cone

    Great post Jose, I agree that you can’t just throw up a translated version of your website and expect to successfully reach the Hispanic market. Like any other demographic thorough understanding and research is what it takes.

  • http://www.3dcart.com Jimmy Rodriguez

    Great post, very accurate. Online business need to define if they’re targeting Hispanics within the US or international customers from Latin America. These are 2 completely different segments and should be treated as such. A well-translated, spanish version of your ecommerce site will take your business to new markets outside the US, but hispanic visitors within the US do prefer english based websites.

    As an ecommerce provider based in South Florida, I have the opportunity to work with many online merchants. A good example of an successful online business directed to hispanic users and not having a translated version http://www.surropa.com

  • James Rodgers

    Personalization and a completely separated approach rather than a shotgun translation sounds great. How can a big brand retailer do this without jeopardizing their current branding when the goal is to reach a new market rather than change their identity?

  • http://www.sensisagency.com Jose Villa

    Good question James… the answer is unique to each brand and based on good behavioral data (Web analytics, usability testing, etc.) combined with solid consumer insights…

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