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Hispanic Millennials Are Closer To The Hispanic Culture Than Most Think

For those who have been reading my monthly articles here on this space you know that based on my own experiences and observations, I believe that the multicultural marketing opportunity is one of the few remaining areas of competitive advantage and sources of growth for brands and corporation for years to come.

From time to time a study produces data and insights that shed light on this topic, and recently, Kantar Consulting did just that with their 2018 Monitor Study, a comprehensive quantitative analysis on the state of the U.S. consumer marketplace, including essential perspectives on the multicultural segment.

The study highlights that strategies based on culture & language when well executed can unlock areas of opportunities for brands that are seeking to accelerate their business performance further.

Here are a few of my key learnings from the study:

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Author: Isaac Mizrahi
Source: Forbes Magazine, 5/20/19