Latin3 welcomes Latino market specialist ( via Produ)

Latin3, a Hispanic agency of the digital age, has welcomed Talia Leon-Villanueva as its new senior account manager at its Miami office. With more than nine years’ experience in the online world, Talia joins the company to take charge of advertising and marketing plans specifically targeting the Hispanic market.

Before joining Latin3, Talia was account manager at Zubi Advertising, handling such accounts as Olive Garden Restaurant, JM Smucker, JCPenney and The Home Depot.

Matias Perel, CEO of Latin3, said: “At Latin3, we are always looking for talented professionals that have the experience, passion and commitment to help our clients achieve their business objectives. We are happy to continue to expand our presence in the Hispanic market and we welcome Talia to our team”.

At Latin3, Talia will be responsible for the Nielsen account, directing a marketing plan that includes digital, broadcasting, print and social media. “I am extremely excited to be joining such a passionate group of professionals and proud to continue working toward reaching this rapidly growing and influential consumer group” she said.

Latin3 develops ideas that translate into greater ROI for its clients. Offering a powerful combination of creativity, design, media, technology and experience in communications, Latin3 has offices in the United States, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and Uruguay.

Verizon Wireless Launches Spanish News Center for Journalists

Verizon Wireless’ Spanish News Center is a lifestyle-meets-technology platform covering a broad range of topics being re-shaped by wireless technology in a distinct Latino voice that appeals to consumers in Spanish and English.

As a journalist, you’ll see a range of stories from the latest smartphones and apps to the innovative way Latino consumers and businesses are using wireless technology and the fastest 4G LTE network.

Whether your beat is sports, education, business, fashion, entertainment or technology, Verizon says the news center can be a resource tool for your next story.

If you like a story, they encourage you to share it through social media channels by using the icons on for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Reddit, and Stumbleupon.

If you have questions on stories you read or have ideas you’d like to see Verizon write about, reach out to Marisol Najarro at or follow Elva Lima @VZWElva.

Fear of a Brown Planet?

According to a new study released by the Art of Politics Impact Project, Hispanics represent only 2-4% of news commentators and guests on major news programs, while comprising more than 16% of the entire population.

Does the mainstream media think Hispanics are less-than-capable news analysts or are educated and interesting Hispanics really that hard to find?

It’s true: Hispanics are taking over the country.  Ok, that’s slightly hyperbolic (and only meant to feed on the irrational fears of our friends at the KKK), but there is evidence showing that our impact and influence on the social and economic structure of the country is growing faster than among any other group.  Despite this fact, we are a little hard to find in television advertising and especially in the news media.

Read the entire article at Politic 365.

Research firm LatinInsights launches web site targeting Spanish-dominant Latinos

NEW YORK, NY– Marketing and political research firm LatinInsights has launched a web site, HispanosInfo, that the firm says will provide timely, useful  information for  Spanish-dominant Latinos.

“Our research reveals a tremendous information gap for Spanish-dominant Hispanics,” says Marcela Miguel Berland, president of New York-based LatinInsights, a market and political research firm.  “Although growing numbers of such persons have Internet access, they do not find sufficient information in Spanish. HispanosInfo is a bilingual site that will also serve the needs of bilingual and English-dominant Latinos.”

"Juntos podemos" "Together we can"

"Juntos podemos" "Together we can"

The site, Berland explains, features current events along with sections on immigration, finance, employment, education, opinion, health care – even on love and romance.  “Our goal is to provide a service that helps Spanish-dominant persons find important information quickly and easily, to be pointed in the right direction.  Our goal is to help them realize their dream and create a virtual community for all Latinos.”

HispanosInfo, say the founders, will be guided at all times by the great promise of the Hispanic community, and an attitude that says “juntos podemos,” or “together we can.”  “It’s about empowerment,” Berland adds, “so that every Hispano in our nation can find the necessary tools to advance – access to better education, useful information on health care, sound advice on personal finances, information on legal matters, immigration and more.  The new site can be accessed here.

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