Blue Mesa Health launches Spanish-language version of digital diabetes prevention program

Blue Mesa Health Inc., a US-based company with offices in New York and Vancouver, is pleased to announce that it has launched Transformemos, a Spanish-language version of its digital Diabetes Prevention Program. This program encompasses a linguistic translation of Blue Mesa Health’s English-language Transform DPP, but also includes a deeper pedagogical focus on a fully immersive culturally specific curriculum.

Blue Mesa Health Inc. (“Blue Mesa”) launched its digital Diabetes Prevention Program (“DPP”) Transform in 2015 to the US enterprise payer market. The program is designed to address the problem of rising chronic disease-related health costs in the US, where one-half of all individuals are either prediabetic or diabetic. The program combines software, home health monitoring via wireless scales, Fitbit activity trackers, and remote health coaching to guide participants through a clinically validated 16-week program, the goal of which is for participants to lose approximately 5-7% of their body weight and reduce type 2 diabetes risk by 58%.

“One piece of feedback we have heard consistently from customers is that the Hispanic and Latino communities are underserved by current DPP offerings. There are indeed many great community programs out there which are available in Spanish, however, Transformemos is the first truly scalable Spanish-language DPP,” said Blue Mesa Health Inc. CEO Curtis Duggan.

Blue Mesa is currently delivering a pilot program to Mount Sinai Health System, the largest hospital system (and one of the largest employers) in New York City. Blue Mesa Health is also a member of the Solera Health (“Solera”) network, which currently connects DPP providers with eligible participants in the Anthem Blue Cross network and other health plan customers.

Transformemos is based upon the CDC’s Prevenga el T2 curriculum, released in early 2016. Spanish-language information on this curriculum is available at this URL: